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SDP Multimedia Group is the abbreviated legal tradename of a limited liability company established in 1998 for RPG online resources and services in the tabletop boardgame and strategy wargame industry. SHADOWDANCERS LLC was incorporated from the existing 1990 registered business Shadowdancers Press, a web application publishing firm. Prior the firm was known as 'Shadowdancers Digital Press (SDP)'.


The company currently offers encrypted voice conferencing services for realtime online PC games, physical server colocation in major data centers worldwide, and management of physical and virtual server solutions for games and web applications related online entertainment and cooperative multiplayer environments. SDP also tests imaging and visualisation software for film and television, in early alpha and beta phases. It also sponsors titles in development including classic conversion to Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) First-Person-Shooter (FPS) games.

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TeamSpeak 3 Hosting

SDP provides TS3 hosting using a minimal set of TeamSpeak 3 voice conference software to protect our users from common exploits and attacks.

Use of a non-standard query port, manual agent assisted configuration, minimal bots, and 99% idle processor goals lead to the highest capacity performance TS3 servers found in the world.

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Personal Computer Services

Select clients receive computer services starting at $20 USD for incident covering all labor plus parts wholesale. Client membership is registered, restricted to established businesses, and requires approval. Service is not available to the general public. Contact our office for authorization and approval to this program.

Limited to pickup and delivery in the City of Ada, Oklahoma (USA) only. Travel is not included. Technicians must obtain equipment by direct pickup. Shipping of damaged units is not permitted, due to risk of loss or handling by parcel carriers.


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