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I always thought the Russians, the Soviet hardline types, or the Chinese hardliners were going to be our real opposition all my life.

I was wrong. It's the God Damned Nazi Sympathizers in modern Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Texas, and Oklahoma that are the real problem.

National Socialist extremists, who by my experience are cover for little more than pedophilia and child sex trafficking under color of ordinary family law and family products, started popping up with their weirdly themed narrative and sex-positive sex-work-is-real-work approach, when Oklahoma scifi hobby conventions and Dallas Texas Trade Show communities began to overlap.

My first hint was in the awfully BDSM oriented content repeatedly coming up in later Games Workshop Group material for the "dark eldar", including sex as a theme in rituals and occult depictions of cages and chains (on children's toys), in a product allegedly geared for 13 year old boys. The same vibe was present in CCP INC. products use of hard drugs and sex workers as cargo in early release (2003-2007), and just prior (1996-1999) WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING works that featured sex doll (thrall, Swedish slang 'slave') themes and 'playable pedophiles' as characters.

The behavior of these firms employees only served to confirm, as we watched them in live events speaking to minor children talking about getting drunk and high - and failing to perform as guests hosting an event with predominately minors present. Something was terribly wrong.

Crude humor is not foreign to me, but this was corruption of a minor in tone, and went far beyond just approaching young players - offering the community unsafe and illegal racketeering activity as a means to gain community reach. I've watched this develop, in part with Dallas Texas and Denton Texas drug community direct support of this publisher conduct, to the extent that it normalized drug use and benefits of drug trafficking across the hobby community, exclusive to anyone who was not 'down to clown' with this approach.

While most of our generation retreated to video games to avoid this drama, we saw a pattern of threats from various companies we prior vetted as conservative (Koch Bros) and responsible mature content developers - at an alarming pace.

As of August 2022, we identified the nexus of such threats with a transfer of ownership of established brands and pre-existing titles we had prior held in good report, to this new entity and its anti-competitive business practices documented in 2002-2022 and 2013-2022 threats.

The parties have leveraged their actions by concealing their relationship under numerous (18+) legal subsidiaries acquired in a Chinese Holding Company fashion (see: TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD), and to defraud victims by portraying the joint abuse as a delusion before police and State and Federal Law Enforcement, in criminal activity expressly pledged and openly threatened and further done to harm with intent to disable other businesses.

Often their strategy is to pretend to 'expose' some damaging personal and commercial claim in blackmail, while concealing the legal disclosure obligated of material facts as if forensic due diligence in wholly commercial areas were 'stalking' of their person and a private person standing maintained despite REGISTERED AGENT status and PUBLIC TITLE obligated disclosure to distinguish 'COMPETITORS' from private citizens.

For example: if we wrote an editorial about the academic copyright of a work, they would in turn publish direct claims of TRANSGENDER IDENTITY to conceal a child and intimidate potential clients and investors, in concert with threats of material property damage and criminal trespass with serious bodily harm expressly alluded to and at times described. Then accuse us of stalking, for reporting the employer for whom they were acting at that time, in commercial fraud to coerce our change of report.

A COMPETITOR may not demand "show proof" of work in progress, employees, client names, income, earnings, or condition performance upon a right-to-work in such 4th Amendment search carried out by false civil procedure (such as a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST from a legal address of service NOT AFFORDING COURT PROCESS) or to blackmail or obtain for commercial gain such findings in an unlawful investigation or felony stalking of a person. This was done in January 2022, prior the blackmail act that impersonated my dead mother and her legal will.

What we are prepared to do today is demonstrate the COMPETITOR status of those parties, the nexus, and the financial value in franchise exceeding $425 million USD subject to such fraud acvitivity; whereby use of WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD in context is a serious offense to obtain money, property, or information sought from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. by the parties in 2001-2022 ongoing fraud.


  • As we suspected, based on threats by multiple companies, we located the collapse of THQ and its conversion into OTCMKTS: THQQF on acquisition of JoWooD Entertainment AG of Austria and other firms, growth in acquisition only of "Coffee Stain Studios" leading up to the purchase of "Koch Media"; to be the true owner of Asmodee Group (formerly FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES of Minnessota). FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES famously threatened us in 2013 and then proceeded to steal and sell our company property to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) in a fraud paired with child abuse. We were unsure why the fraud was rapidly spreading from Iceland, with CCP GAMES, to Sweden, and then to Denmark and Austria and finally into Germany. This path follows the economic development of this group, and its threats, which killed the child's grandmother this March amid extortion activity led by EMBRACER GROUP AB companies. The report explains how EMBRACER GROUP AB concealed its nexus, removed for sale the property from the United States, and sold stolen goods to United Kingdom parties with intent to then license-back that property into THQ Nordic GmbH.

    NATIONWIDE IP BAN to follow versus those countries aiding in this piracy activity to be implemented for all SEVEN ALPHA nodes.

  • Nexus of Parties Graphic In Threats Made to our Firm

  • Understanding a 2002-2022 sustained blackmail and extortion by a COGENT COMMUNICATIONS subcontractor alleged in 2011 Sept letter to be a joint criminal conduct with TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRABOX (cited in letter of threat to conceal a child); requires a broad overview of the companies and networks whose Intellectual Property departments have become a part of the 2013-2022 TRADEMARK infringement for WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD scheme. The inclusion of property in print books for sale into the United States and as TRADEMARKS to dilute our own prior established and in-legal-use marks, suggest corporate knowledge of such fraud and extortion by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, and providers FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES (ASMODEE) now identified Sept 5 2022 as legally belonging to EMBRACER GROUP AB of Sweden, a $7 billion competitor.

    WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and CCP GAMES INC. were at such time (2013-2022) jointly owned by PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, when their employees began to threaten us openly in 2013 on WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION of a child.

    PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB is a $327 million capital value firm. It sold CCP GAMES INC. for $425 million USD in 2018, coinciding with illegal civil suit of our company owner in violation of qualified immunity to block our objection and complaint, damage investment in our firm, and dilute our market value.

    GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP published derived work from our product in 2014 on threats of false title sale in 2013 tendered to us on demand for $80,000 USD; and claim in LEGAL ANSWER that ASMODEE (EMBRACER GROUP AB) sold such property to them in defiance of the REGISTERED TRADEMARK and intent to sell literature and books of a defamatory nature into our region styled on the WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD in prior threats, contesting the DMCA notice and regional patent on Title 78 protected use barring their activity. GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) is valued at under $700 million USD, and we believed them to be the largest perpetrator prior to Sept 5 2022 discovery of the true owner and expected end-licensee also of that stolen property in EMBRACER GROUP AB, which owns both ASMODEE and THQ Nordic GmbH.

    This Sept 5 2022 discover reveals the theft and sale to launder the stolen IP via LSE:GAW is for intended license back to the game development group owned by the same firm in THQQF properties; entitled "Nordic Games Licesning AB" or "EMBRACER GROUP AB" in new filings. The theft was performed by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES of Minnesota, a division of ASMODEE of France; sold to GAW; and likely to be licensed then to THQ Nordic GmbH of Germany, which is also owned by the same parent company "EMBRACER GROUP AB" of Sweden.

    Interest in these companies (PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB) and other firms (EPIC MEGAGAMES, RIOT GAMES) by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, makes this action and other joint acts by TENCENT-SOFTBANK suspect in supply chain manipulation and antitrust activity; paired with NTT GROUP and its subsidiary COGENT COMMUNICATIONS role in these threats versus our firm over 2001-2022 concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and to extort and seek "forfeiture" of our company in letters as recently as 2021 November and 2022 July expressly to blackmail our family and to cause a preventable death in that family in March 2022 for interference in inheritance of the child and death of the grandparent, a respected pediatrician, injured by the fraud in violent taking of a child under false civil claim to carry out total parental alienation and a corruption of blood over estate and XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK Constitutional protections in State Of Oklahoma.

    Due to the nature of such letters, and presence of MA YUN in concert with these acts, we hold PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, and KINGDOM OF ICELAND responsible for these acts jointly, along with Denmark and Singapore, where major attacks on our infrastructure were launched by NTT employees to extort.

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Trademarks registered in section 22, 38, and 107 categories.

What is a Trademark? Per Title 78 Section §78-22, "any word" is entitled registration in Oklahoma, to encompass "Fantasy Trademark" described by Hoyt L. Barber.

A Trademark registration is a "Letter of Patent" of exclusive use of a mark (word, symbol, et al) in commerce in a jurisdiction. This means a registered trademark is protected from use so defined as publication in Title 78 §78-31 infringement and publication use to defame as libel or threatened libel per 21 O.S. §21-776 and §21-778. (see also O.S.78 )

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You are here because someone didn't ask the right questions through the right legal channels.

If you have questions about our "Beyond War" product, securities, membership certificates in a limited liability company, or other claims; you should be prepared for dialog with a firm engaged in a $7 billion dispute with wrongful death a component in 2022 ongoing fraud activity by our competitors.

We try to remain very light about such conversations, as the details are exceptionally geared toward persons in the professional, legal, and International Human Rights Specialization with Human Trafficking Experience.

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