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Blackmail Activity against this firm in November 2021 - April 2022 Ongoing

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Trademarks registered in section 22, 38, and 107 categories.

What is a Trademark? Per Title 78 Section §78-22, "any word" is entitled registration in Oklahoma, to encompass "Fantasy Trademark" described by Hoyt L. Barber.

A Trademark registration is a "Letter of Patent" of exclusive use of a mark (word, symbol, et al) in commerce in a jurisdiction. This means a registered trademark is protected from use so defined as publication in Title 78 §78-31 infringement and publication use to defame as libel or threatened libel per 21 O.S. §21-776 and §21-778. (see also O.S.78 )

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See Deets (Details) for more in-depth sitrep.

Who are our competitors? What do we allege by extensive violence?

Do you do Crypto? Can you explain your pricing?

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Other Questions

You are here because someone didn't ask the right questions through the right legal channels.

If you have questions about our "Beyond War" product, securities, membership certificates in a limited liability company, or other claims; the Nature of our Business should answer most of those basic curiosities.

We try to remain very light about such conversations, as the details are exceptionally geared toward persons in the professional, legal, and International Human Rights Specialization.

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Oklahoma City, Norman, and Pontotoc County
City of Ada, Oklahoma 74820 USA

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