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To correct broad false public claims, clarification of our market position and right to work (separation from other interests, themed competitors) is necessary.

This arises from a group of exceptionally malicious criminals in Michigan, Texas, California, and their sponsor in Japan, China, Italy, Australia, and Germany known generally as Deutsche Telekom and NTT GROUP.

These parties, in injury to family members of our firm to extort, by acts of TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES contractors in letters of clear criminal extortion and legal answer; contrary a formal court order and all rights of the child not entitled suspension by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in a criminal child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) felony and concealment to blackmail and extort; obligate clear and concise notice of "NO DUTY TO COOPERATE WITH THOSE PARTIES OR THE VANGUARD GROUP INC.; which is the owner in legal fact of the operating firms acting in this matter and against the interest of justice in this case in a pattern of conspicious fraud (18 USC 1341) now under Federal criminal complaint themed $44 billion USD qui tam (31 USC 3729a) fraud.

Employees, clients, and contractors of the prior group or its subsidiaries are prohibited communication and access to the firm, excluding formal legal process of service; due to conspicious 2001-2021 activity.


The firm is under no obligation to contract DOOM, HALF LIFE, or CRY ENGINE technology - and such claims to force or coerce the Oklahoma limited liability company to contract with that firm, now a subsidiary of the prior ZENIMAX firm, and to promote and increase the sale price of such technology by violence against our firm and our independent products - have permanently damaged ordinary INTERSTATE COMMERCE with our company and STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF NEW JERSEY, STATE OF KANSAS, and other parties - which prohibit further coercive claims or contact be tolerated.

Efforts by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and SOFTBANK GROUP CORP to act as brokers for these groups, including reported 300 million Euros bid for CryTek (maker of CryEngine) in July 2021, so reproted by BiLD ( China-Konzern will deutsche Gaming-Firma kaufen: Wegen Kriegs-Simulationssoftware?". 13 July 2021)


Companies like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. that refuse to sell are being subjected to criminal foreign coercion aided by domestic local and agency officers contrary Federal Law, for which a MONOPOLY and 47 page formal FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION complaint in Antitrust has been filed November 2020 by the firm.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is the sole owner and creator entitled license of the MANIFOLD SPACE ENGINE (MSE) and related technologies now provided through RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and content and franchise rights for media and INTERSTATE COMMERCE in telecommunications by DEEP LAYER INC.

Any attempt to force or coerce the identity of the privately held company or corporations of the United States in concert with claims to compel sale or license or other rights pertaining STRYX, BEYOND WAR, or other properties of the firm will be themed a felony criminal act in concert with the prior acts.


All persons seeking contact or commerce with the firm MUST DISCLOSE any relationship with the prior groups and persons, to the extent to rule out any conflict of interest or competitor presence or channel which may arise from inquiry or solicitation to the firm or its licensees.

Conduct yourself accordingly.

Legal Office:
No Soliciting Permitted

Oklahoma City, Norman, and Pontotoc County
City of Ada, Oklahoma 74820 USA
No Soliciting Permitted

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