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The U.S. Education System has allowed a large number of people to reach market without the most basic finance education.

As a result, we get a number of false claims and hostile contacts seeking to demand they participate in our equity, or they will devalue, dilute, or otherwise destroy our investors value and threaten to rape and murder them.

We are being completely serious, and specific to students in Denton Texas, Dallas Texas, Enid Oklahoma, and Tulsa Oklahoma - who are banned from our property due to organized racketeering and terrorist hoax publications to felony stalking.

Practical Fiannce 101

To remedy this, we are going to cover a basic premise: equity versus capital communism.

Real equity is ownership of the fundamental right of use without limit. No party in any commissioned business has real equity other than the State, who regulate the use and conduct of those organizations. This is 'true title'.

Exception to this is 'private property', in which the true title is that of a natural born person, such as the agent of an estate. An estate, the registered account to which property and contract are made to survive death of the agent, has become a pass-through entity wrongly in recent civil claims, and contest made in eloquence to this fraud and hoax by the Honorable Justice Ruth Ginsburg, in oral reading of the court decision for Timbs v Indiana.

Recent efforts to seize upon the children of agents of the UNITED STATES as equity not afforded property or concealment a fraud, to compel forfeiture of securities and other intangible intellectual property rights, as in PETERSEN v ALLEN and "Veronica M. Petersen v JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN", affecting prior established and registered companies of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, are a serious crime now under 2001-2020 dispute a TITLE IV GRANT fraud and component of broad human trafficking (22 USC Chapter 78) violations. These crimes made legislation wrongly, attached with criminal intent to defraud contrary 45 CFR 302.56 and 303.6 and 303.100 rule; by the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY in the CARES ACT.

Persons who may enjoy 'limited rights', such as suffrage to manage and guide the commissioned vessel as a steward, are permitted to purchase authorized shares issued by the state for this commission. These buyers of rights are 'shareholders'.

Abuse of 'shareholders' does not permit them to break the law or violate the rule of law made governing their authority and obligations in the context of the commissioned registered business. It is a crime.

When you are seeking to apply a 'valuation', a price on the equity of a firm, that is the claim you have full disclosure of all the projects and assets a company has which are 'private', and not disclosed to the public at-law.

Such 'valuation' represents the total company value, and is divided by the number of common shares where no other instruments of debt or equity or other obligations in contract exist.

A 'false valuation' is claim made by any person who is not a shareholder or authorized actuary who has access to all such claims and liabilities on book and implied and acknowledged by the firm, including obligations of conduct and mission statement not quantified by fiduciary rule.

Finally, ownership of equity is simply the purchase of a right to vote (suffrage) with limited authority, and by such actions to guide and direct the appointed officers to conduct business daily in pursuit of the mission so made by the incorporation or mandates of the incorporated organization.

How does this apply to Projects in Interactive Media

Video Games (and Persistent Online Multi-User Games) are financed by a number of techniques today.

  1. Traditional single-payer sponsor, representing a number of investors or prior projects, like Paramount or Sony. Budgets over $100 million.

  2. Kickstarter-like funding: where fans donate without any equity other than a promise of title or fame or other reputation not equitable and solely in the finished product. Delivery is unlikely to have legal enforcement.

  3. Bonds or other legal instruments, such as loans and fixed collateral, by which repayment is scheduled and must be made regardless of use of funds.

  4. Equity in the form of shares or other issue, by which rights are made or dividends or other earnings or royalties optioned, and conversion by surrender or return is not guaranteed a 'par value' equal to the paid-in value.

  5. Equity in which the par-value (return on surrender) is high, and so the value of such investment has a fixed limited risk, usually underwritten by a major lender or other capital source, against which the investors may be secure in their loss against risk. High par-value does not require that price of share is fixed to par-value, usually, and may be higher. Par-value represents the minimum 'trade value' of a security, since the bearer may always obtain funds from the issuer to offset bids below that rated price.

  6. No-Par-Value issued shares, whereby the entire paid-in amount is at-risk as well as value dependent on the liquidity and solvency of the operating firm. Should the firm cease to exist or cease to operate, such value and benefits may be zero, and subject the disposition of the court for forced sale or cancellation of issued certificates.

  7. Other royalty or interest bearing contracts not tied to equity stock, such as obligations in gross sale or contract to specific products, by which the talent or other supporting parties receive a share of profit not tied to loss or the issue of shares in a specific corporation, and are transferred in context to the property separate from the legal existence of the company.

  8. 'Sweat equity' - a contribution of time and skill or other value to the project, not quantified in commodity and set in written agreement only, by which rights or equity or other future gains may be made a claim, but are not subject liability declaration or enforcement not a power of discretion conditioned all other declared obligations of book-value in priority.

If all that is familiar to you, then this is not for you. For most High School and college students in the United States, the very context prior is not in their vocabulary, and its absence makes ordinary negotiation and claims very difficult or impossible.

Asking for pre-sales, donations, or other matching agreements would fall under "Kickstarter-like funding", and only afford security and refund if set forth in the project terms on payment. Failure to ship the product, while a breach of contract, rarely is enforced by kickstarter contribution terms; even though the rules would apply, because the satisfaction of putting out a grossly inferior product is usually less than shipping no product at all - leaving fans to accept the abandonment of project as a net-positive by a dishonest or incapable dealer.

Licensing and legal issues also, in context to intellectual property, make such ventures extremely difficult and complex - lending itself to high risk of failure.

Developers cannot contest industrial sabotage, abuse, and physical violence against their personnel in competition for projects - and such actions destroy equity and public confidence necessary in ordinary business.

In competition for projects, this sort of abuse is 'racketeering' where use of violence or threats, concealment of family members, or other outrageous demands such as the forced sale at loss or concession of equity or rights to protected works are made demand upon the business or organization by any party - especially in competition. Such demands void any legal or intellectual property claims by any entity engaged in this fraud, and to any party foolish enough to buy rights or claimed license from such party, versus the original developer subject to the threats. Despite this, the courts cannot recover the damages in public confidence and rights made by knowing or industrial (unintended) trademark and patent and copyright infringement. Therefore, many parties will still engage in this form of 'racketeering' to damage their political opponents and persons who have lawful claims against them, whether in court already or subject a lawful claim not made due to 'obstruction' and 'industrial sabotage' so prior themed.

This means, if you threaten our business or its employees or their families, you are damaging a product beyond your ability to make compensation - as well as destroying property from ordinary use and capital fundraising which would create jobs and industry. You are damaging international relations, the right of your country and others to do business, and making a common marketplace impossible to operate in - thus damaging all skilled workers and sellers.

Equity versus Investment

Investment represents employee time and money, potential capital gains for use of time, as well as financial stakeholders.

Therefore attacking a firm harms its labor and management, those persons who are waiting on product, and the persons who have invested with reasonable risk in the ordinary manufacturing time and process not withstanding criminal interference or obstruction by abuse of legal process (Title 22 Chapter 78 section 7102; Title 18 section 1589).

Persons who have invested are entitled to orderly return on their commitment. Efforts to engage in such violence and abuse in order to negotiate for a priority of 'preferred' equity distribution in order of return is 'racketeering'.

Entering into an established organization and demanding promotion above other investors on coercion (a form of illegal threat or duress) is a crime, and a form of 'racketeering' which disqualifies any standing to seek return or claims prior tendered to obtain entry to the organization.

As such, making offers to the firm for such 'sweat equity' and then to substitute demands for 'royalties or other rights not set in contract explicitly' or for substitution of other equity agreements and value, is not only narcissistic - but a criminal act. You cannot 'cut' in the order of return by threatening coercion or criminal acts, including defamation to disable a project, and expect to be admitted to the project or its benefits in future, as this is a felony act. Pursuant to Title 22 section 22-31 through 22-33, of the Oklahoma Statutory Code (O.S.), no indictment or prosecution is necessary to declare such abuse and disbar a party from all privileges and rights including civil contract not conditioned on such abuse, an implied and regulated duty of any person making civil contract, per XXII-8 and XXIII-9 of Article XIII Oklahoma Constitution, or other 'regulations' made governing the prior 'commission' of a registered business and equity rights issued and made contract by that 'vessel' in commerce.

A masters in business would potentially prepare you for this simple context, but no law prohibits you from enjoying the benefits of these rights as a UNITED STATES CITIZEN or other party with standing to contract; but does not likewise release you from these obligations and rules to claim other public statements or other verbal or written claims - whether express or implied - by which the firm may make determination and issue rulings afforded these rights.

This means that you may not compel a person to grant you money or any-thing-of-value on consideration of damage or sabotage to labor, product, or valuation of a company which damages share or certificate or other legal instruments value, as part of a design to compel an official act by any officer of that company or its members.

We see this sort of 'short-negotiation' far too often, and as a result have sharply restricted the right to communication and commerce to parties with standing and a formal address of legal service. The Internet makes many non-accredited parties believe they are entitled to engage in these 'television drama' tactics and 'legal fiction' based on public support and endorsement seeking behavior of American audiences social media. As a result, we are now very strict in the parties and conduct permitted, and disclaim all agreements of an oral or written nature not made in writing and so endorsed by our senior manager of record, expressly made, to combat widespread fraud in false claims and fraud themed a Terrorist Hoax ( 21 O.S. 2268).

Specifically - False Ownership Claims

False ownership of certificates and other legal instruments, so claimed by Alica (Ally, Allykatt) McMahon/Scarbrough, her firm INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC of Arkansas (defunct), and other false records of "SDC" (Scarbrough Design C...) not a corporation or limited liability company; known as Scarbrough Designs, is hereby declared a known fraud first reported in 1999 by the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), a fraud themed a Terrorist Hoax.

False claims of license to sell "BEYOND WAR" or any related trademark or poperty or fiction related in license, is fraud by DONALD J. BEAL, VERONICA M. PETERSEN, and BRIAN YOUNG jointly made in 2007-2020, a crime context to 21 O.S. 21-891 child snatching and concealment of a baby ordered to the POSSESSION of JAMES ALLEN, and such act a felony. Any claims by their employers or persons in association, known to be ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT AMERICA, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of California, or LOSTSERVER.NET group made by NTT AMERICA employees, PCH employees, or INFOMART facility in Dallas, Texas are organized racketeering under criminal complaint with the U.S. Attorney General in the State of Oklahoma. No such sale has been authorized or license made, and firms known to be PARADOX INTERACTIVE, PEARL ABYSS, CCP INTERACTIVE MEDIA, and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD implicated in receipt and fraud to this degree a crime in hostage taking and extortion to compel sale of our property not permitted at law.

Value of these claims exceeds $423 million USD, and will be litigated in any party who suggests claims or rights in these frauds to disbar the equity or investment in 1991-2020 development and technology conditioned the BEYOND WAR computer systems, network, server design, software, and properties.

Persons in KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, NORWAY, ICELAND, PEOPLE's REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and states engaged in sustained attacks upon our network to support this fraud will be disbarred any right to use or access, based on these persons actions led from STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF ILLINOIS, STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF ARKANSAS, and to disrupt business in STATE OF OKLAHOMA and with THE REPUBLIC OF GERMANY; in renewed activity themed genocide, a war crime. Such racist and eugenic threats made are recorded and filed for prosecution in the BEYOND WAR extortion and child concealment.

Any person raising these issues in abuse to provide claim of false rights will be disbarred their equity claims and registration in a known TERRORIST HOAX themed industrial sabotage against the commissioned INTERSTATE COMMERCE of the UNITED STATES so named in those letters of extortion made public in 2013-2020.

Persons affiliated with "AXIS" brands in Tulsa, Oklahoma, including SUSAN QUINCY, are likewise disclaimed all contact with the firm based on false publications supporting the prior criminal abduction to injure a child in extortion of a registered UNITED STATES CORPORATION and against the rights of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA made in commission of the 1998 limited liability company (LLC) so made prior the 2001 birth and abduction of a minor child from CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION territories in Pontotoc County.

Participation of these firms in regional tradeshows and to assert rights based on concealment of a child ordered to POSSESSION of an Oklahoma parent and business owner, in extortion to disable such corporation, are made complaint and notice a TERRORIST HOAX here, with required restrictions barring future communication or representation by any proxy upon those criminal demands, themed 'racketeering' under Title 18 Chapter 95 and 96 (The Hobbs Act). Use of BDSM (Bondage Domination Sadism & Masochism) by Master of Ceremonies and associated professional modelling of Susan Quincy and Veroncia M. Petersen, in concert with fraud by Alica Scarbrough in this interest, paired with threats of sodomy, arson, and violence to produce grave bodily harm, prohibit all persons actin gin agency with those parties or their past or present business ventures from approach to this firm or its licensees whatsoever, a form of felony stalking (18 USC 2261A) so prohibited - and this notice and remedy afforded Title 22, Oklahoma Statutory Law.

Students and would-be-parties to contract should therefore be aware that such conduct affects them by any circulation, promotion, or communication of knowingly false claims to this office, for which all future access and participation in any ordinary business shall be barred in perpetuity, and such notice made in disclosure here sufficient to afford no further warning.