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We were not at the riot March 4th 2023, but it was reported that rubber bullets were used by City police to break up the fighting. Condolences go out to the business where that event, and the prior screw in the tire of our officer occurred. Two persons were reported seriously injured. Security is the responsibility of the promoter, and the riot event was wholly unrelated to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma and its imprints. The handbills look liek those used by our competitor, an unregistered business using the name of a California and Ontario firms (2) in Oklahoma to falsify a business entity. Please remember to check the state registry for any business competitor prior to processing their claims.

Brand new tire, Sunday Nov 20th 2022 - discovered by ADA TIRE CENTER INC. Monday Nov 21st to be a screw turned into the sidewall neatly, 16 days after threats sent from DALLAS TEXAS Petitioner's publicist to extort.

Every Black Friday, we see this focused harassment of our office. Broken windows, 5 mailboxes (on a wrought iron 6 inch square steel post) run over by a high speed car in 2015-2021, and threats Sunday morning after meeting the suspect in November 13th 2022 Vintage 22 from the 2002 death threats.

Law enforcement falsifying this abuse as imaginary is why our business elected to advise our Scotland officers to move their family to Michigan instead of here as planned - for the safety of their children and due to failure to carry out normal investigations or interview witnesses properly in Ada, Oklahoma.

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  1. 2019 Sep 1st Window Shot | file 2
  2. 2019 Nov 5th Sausage In Yard
  3. 2020 Nov 9th Mailbox Strike | File 2 ZIP | File3 MOV
  4. 2021 Jul 6th Screws Left in Driveway both ends | File 2
  5. 2021 Jul 14th Mailbox Strike | File 2 MOV | File 3 MOV
  6. 2021 Jul 14th Suspicious Vehicle Parked
  7. 2022 Nov 20th: Screw Driven Into BR Tire | TIRE 2 | TIRE 3 |

Former SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES L.L.C. labor threats (2003)

Original Article: October 7th 2022 - James Allen (DD-214 E4, Endorsed GS9 Signature on Rank)
Revised Artice: Jan 22 2023 - JAMES ALLEN, Sr. Manager Ada OK Office

Threats Documented

  • October 4th 2022 - Direct Physical Contact ~8:42 pm w CCTV video
  • October 5th 2022 - Letter to extort two property owners over 65
  • October 18th 2022 - U.S. Mail letter demanding $6000 illegally
  • November 4th 2022 - 84 separate threat messages to extort
  • December 19th 2022 - U.S. Mail letter impersonating to Lt. Gen Laster
  • January 4th 2023 - Additional threats to extort with sexual misgender
  • January 6th 2023 - Additional threats with photo of residence to extort
  • January 13th 2023 - Over 50 threats to extort re: prior extortion
  • January 22nd 2023 - Over 50 additional threats after 2am prior 5am
with identity theft to extort on concealment and abuse of a child in false
Veteran's Day claims escalating to fraudulent contact in false name with
Retired USMC Lt. General James B. Laster of Quantico Virginia in U.S. Mail Fraud.


Written criminal threats targeting NORTEL in 2003 and 2012 and 2022 directed:

    to falsely suggest lack of RANK in the UNITED STATES ARMY against veterans
Friday November 4th preced Veterans Day November 11 2022; to extort and blackmail using concealment of a USAF veteran's grandchild and threats to grandparents in Ada OK, claims to style former U.S. Army members as imaginary officers of a real CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, and to sustain prior U.S. Mail tampering witnessed at 722 South Haskell Avenue including opening, reading, distributing, and resealing U.S. Army Official Correspondence there by owners of TERRABOX.COM CO.; and human trafficking for labor to compel a mental health fraud in such forced labor and false report to Dun & Bradstreet on taking, concealment, and abuse of a child less than 90 days old by fraud, force, threat of murder and false civil suit then in 30 days of such abduction to allege 'Abandonment' in State of Texas to conceal removal from Dallas County home of 11 months record and care and support to Denton County, State of Texas, as a hostage against an Oklahoma registered limited liability company (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.).


And demonstrate a pattern of harassment from NTT GROUP companies COGENT COMMUNICATIONS incorporating offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland;

To extort on concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION in 2001-present.

None of the false claims styled under color of U.S. Federal Law and the limited exclusive and delegated UNITED STATES AGENCY of THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES are authorized by U.S. Law;

And violate 45 CFR rule and Federal Register Vol 81 Number 244 page 93492 limited authority and terms of the UNITED STATES delegated limited and exclusive power to use "TITLE IV-D" agency names, grants, and monies.

Such use is solely to carry a child snatching and overcome a 1991 established business in State of Oklahoma across State and Federal borders.

Resulting ICU Of Grandmother

The threats delivery did on Oct 23 2022 result in serious injury and INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (ICU, hospitalization) emergency admission and services over 2 days arising from abuse of TITLE IV-D false claims and fraudulent Interstate application of services in concert with criminal letters of commercial extortion in excess of $70,000 USD, and legal costs over $2000 USD and medical costs over $300/day resultant ($219,000 USD per year, year-over-year for up to 10 years expected cost).

Evidence of a severed head entitled partially "*isalittlebitch.gif" with a SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. employee name on the image, naming NORTEL also in user-created META-DATA to direct NORTEL CUSTOMERS to such image, and contributing to the $250 billion NORTEL NETWORKS data breach in 2001-2011:

Suggest this 2001-2012 activity by "Veronica Marie Petersen and Don Beal" registered by SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES L.L.C. of Texas.

SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES L.L.C. and later,, and employeess in the LOSTSERVER.NET and LOOPBACK0.NETWORK and DEPREF.NET services violate 15 U.S. Code §1692d in fraud to extort on concealment of a child.

The Child was ordered to possession of an Oklahoma business owner by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT on fraud by the abductors - and such ORDERED POSSESSION never performed and owing since 2001 June grant of CUSTODY AND TITLE in release to 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas Texas residential offices of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma.

Those FOREIGN WORKER RESIDENCE in Article IV Section 2 INTERSTATE COMMERCE offices established for fulfillment of an INTERSTATE CONTRACT - from which the child was abducted, imediately removed without a writ or order for perpetual concealment to Denton County, State of Texas, and falsely entered into a fraudulent civil suit filed Sept 2001 after abduction August 2001 as "abandonment";

And such fraud resulting in a default LEGAL FINDING OF FACT in RECORD OF ORDER MADE BY DEE MILLER of the petitioner for non-appearance December 2001;

then improperly and wrongly sustained ongoing trial in 2002 on false amendment to style the case 'IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRAIGE OF...' where no MARRIAGE LICENSE OR COMMON LAW MARRIAGE DID THEN OR SINCE HAS BEEN DISSOLVED OR RESPECTED BY VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN during cohabitation with other men in 2001-2023;

And in later amendment after default and to abduct for commercial extortion and perpetual concealment as a hostage and across State lines contrary ORDERD POSSESSION consistently refused enforcement by STATE OF TEXAS employees and TITLE IV AGENCY employees of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma - violating Federal Law and 45 CFR §302.70 REQUIRED STATE LAWS made effective February 21 2017 during the minority of the child to end such criminal practices.

Pursuant Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9, these actions are crimes and under formal criminal complaint as of October 7 2022 pursuant Title 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 rule fraud in mental health related 2003-2022 extortion and blackmail to abduct a child.

[Revised January 22nd 2023, citing new medical disclosure and court process to protect vulnerable elderly legally disabled victims over the age of 65 targeted in this fraud October 5th 2022 to extort $70,000+ USD in violation of ORDER STAYING CASE and to tamper with witnesses in an ongoing PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT CASE subject UIFSA and TITLE IV-D AGENCY obligated Judicial Review pursuant to 5 U.S. Code Section 702-706 obligated by STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Witness intimidation, threats to specific witnesses, false claims of criminal record, false claims of STOLEN VALOR, commercial use of FOIA request filed January 28th 2022 by IX NETWORKS LLC Director Donald Jonathon Beal of 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TX 75244 and 3110 CAMBRIDGESHIRE DRIVE, CARROLLTON TEXAS 75007 and 600 GRANITE PEAK DRIVE APT 103 CASPER WYOMING 82069 appear to be the author of such COMMERCIAL THREATS under false legal name and false color of law to extort elderly victims of real estate commercial use and residency and intimidation of a REGISTERED AGENT office of the United States in this conduct. A Formal Criminal Complaint has been filed, and prior five (5) vehicle strikes on the real estate property and REGISTERED AGENT OFFICE formally filed with the UNITED STATES POSTMASTER GENERAL and U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES OFFICE, and a criminal complaint filed in THE OFFICE OF THE DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY citing the false address used and false zip code used to carry out this registered commercial business in Dallas County, State of Texas. Photograph of vehicles with property damage have been located in Dallas County at a related address, and so reported also for State and Federal Criminal Justice action against those concealing the child since 2019 at this location to carry on a formally alleged Interstate Commercial Interference In Commerce and alleged Federal Welfare Benefits Fraud since 2001 taking and concealment and abuse of a child using PROZAC and other false medical claims to conceal the child and drug the child documented in medical record since the year 2006 and prior the age of 8 years afforded use of such drug on a child. The adult child is alleged missing and exploited, presumed dead, who was born in CARROLLTON TX. The child employed in the Federal Benefits Fraud is alleged born in DALLAS TX, and does not exist and is a false title used to intercede in prior 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TX 75204 residence of medical record and taking of a newborn for Federal Benefits Fraud in concert with commercial extortion of NORTEL NETWORKS, PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. - and to falsely state in written intentional Interstate Fraud a false employment of the victim with a company called TEK SYSTEMS in 2003, and later endorsed in 2011 letter of LEGAL ANSWER from 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas TX 75201 as "TERRABOX.COM CO" and "TEK SYSTEMS", then styled as UNIVISION and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC., NTT GROUP (LOSTSREVER.NET members DIRECTOR OF IP ENGINEERING and SENIOR IP ENGINEER), DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., COLOMART (per email 2005), and later EQUINIX (creator of the alleged trademark claim IXP), and IX NETWORKS LLC of 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TEXAS 75252 (false zip code); found in THE OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS to be registered also as the "DIRECTOR" of IX NETWORKS LLC; and in January 28th 2022 letter to be shown as DONALD JONATHON BEAL ( of Reykjavik Iceland), aka "Jay Chronister", aka "Jason Smith", aka "Reginald", aka "Josiah Deutch", aka "Deutsch Canoe", aka "Shepronoun James", aka "Stryx Arnold Allen", aka "", aka "", aka "", aka "MEJOR SERVER LLC" in phone number direction to Fort Collins WY employed in State of Oklahoma and City of Ada to compete with the targeted business, aka "TRUNKSPACE HOSTING INC.", and such firms (2) formed in 2014 and 2013 on July 11 following Oct 9 2011 arrest for DWI with conviction and onset of such criminal substance abuse trial of Donald Jonathon Beal shown to be July 10 2012.]


Date: Sep 9th 2022
Revised: Jan 22nd 2023 - for clarity of specific criminal complaint in ongoing 18 U.S. Code 249 Hate Crime activity Jan 2nd-22nd 2023

I always thought the Russians, the Soviet hardline types, or the Chinese hardliners were going to be our real opposition all my life.

I was wrong. It's the God Damned Nazi (DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST / HEGELIAN DIALECTIC DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST EXTREMIST) Sympathizers in modern Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Texas, and Oklahoma that are the real problem. Their appeal to radicalized mentally unstable TEXAS SOVEREIGN CITIZEN and TEXAS NATIONALIST MOVEMENT supporters of white power in Flower Mound and Carrollton Texas, The Palisades community, and Coppell Texas appear to be a nexus of white power and active professional commercial support for the Neo Nazi movement based in Canada (FRANTECH.CA / MyVM.COM hosting of THE DAILY STORMER a nexus), Argentina (evident in court records and historic support activity over 2014-2023 into CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION in ongoing abuse), PANAMA (the Trump Tower Data Center, after takeover by competitors of the former President for use as a data center, then employed ot launch countless attacks on our company), The Omega Building (Isreal, used in similar attacks), and Hurricane Electric (a tier 1 provider and host of BSDPRO.COM based OpenBSD white supremacy operating system group based on BSD UNIX and FreeBSD products and leadership in Canada); which appear to support direct commercial attacks on our business in THE CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION and City of Ada in ongoing eugenic-themed criminal harassment worthy of the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and indifferent to prior traditional 'cross burning' activity against REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT and titled property of mixed race persons in the State of Oklahoma and CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION systematically.

National Socialist extremists, who by my experience are cover for little more than pedophilia and child sex trafficking under color of ordinary family law and family products, started popping up with their weirdly themed narrative and sex-positive sex-work-is-real-work approach, when Oklahoma scifi hobby conventions and Dallas Texas Trade Show communities began to overlap. Specifically, at PROJECT AKON - a for-profit public audience convention created to duplicate the prior Oklahoma customary pre-1991 not-for-profit charity tradeshow industry and business conventions held by tabletop RPG and pirate video (otaku) VHS dealers import of Japanese television prior licensing and regional copyright enforcement against untapped markets like the United States. A commercialization of a prior 'underground' scene similar to DEFCON Las Vegas NV and early IRC Server DALNET and Newsgroup community activity, then private and quasi-legal limited word-of-mouth groups only. Prior commercialization, advertising of such events, and general audiences, we were not inundated with hookers, weed, meth, cocaine, and child trafficking for sex work prowling for children at these hotel and convention center venues. Meri Hazlewood (Project Akon) did a good job to fight this off, but her commercial use of such events marked the onset of numerous bad actors entry into the market for-profit, with increasing support for radicalized socialist SDS (Students for a Democratic Society, radical communist, radical national socialist, and drug use groups focusing on democratic normalization of illicit psychedelic drugs and child sexual monetization and exploitation as young as 13 in the U.S., already widely accepted in the Japanese and Chinese community and supported by Japanese adult media in video markets as a viable import product to entice and ease parent and community concerns evident in subsequent 2001-2023 increasing vice and gender interference policies).

My first hint was in the awfully BDSM oriented content repeatedly coming up in later Games Workshop Group material for the "dark eldar", including sex as a theme in rituals and occult depictions of cages and chains (on children's toys), in a product allegedly geared for 13 year old boys. The same vibe was present in CCP INC. products use of hard drugs and sex workers as cargo in early release (2003-2007), and just prior (1996-1999) WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING works that featured sex doll (thrall, Swedish slang 'slave') themes and 'playable pedophiles' as characters. Specifically, "BLACK DOG GAMES" - an impressum of "WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING (CCP GAMES INC. / CCP MEDIA / PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden", created the "HUMAN OCCUPIED LANDFIL (HOL) game and books, which include the playable pedophile character explicitly" and similar radical anarchist communist revolutionary models using cultural appropriation of Mexican-American language and characters to include "Brujah" (shaman), and names of real families as sinister and inhuman antagonists for violent games targeting children age 13-17 with sexual themes (see: the vagina with teeth on the cover of the Tzimisce Clan book); and using MGM Pictures screenplay and characters to illustrate such work (documented and cited in the 1st edition 1st printing copy by name, and cited by Artist Timothy Bradstreet in instructions and source media for illustrations then employed as if original content to franchise). Old Games Workshop Group books by Citadel Press were marked 'Mature Audiences', at least, and tasteful by contrast - but in 1996-2023 have increasingly been incorporated into product for the young audience to normalize forced sex, slavery, bondage, rape, and torture as part of two separate factions in their franchise Warhammer 40,000 - to appeal to minors ages 13-17. Eve Online, a publication of CCP GAMES INC., included in beta and early release actual game missions to provide sexual performers and drugs for parties in in-game content as cargo, and is themed on a Universe where white Christians enslave and use black people and ethnic groups as labor to incite anti-American sentiment and demonize both United States corporations by class as evil while French egalitarian liberalism styled explicitly off of the Japanese franchise Albator (Captain Harlock, Space Pirate, by Akira Matsumoto) are clear in the design and color and style of such characters, a derived work in franchise rights and appropriation based on racial stereotypes. At one point, CCP GAMES INC. even created an entire system of drug manufacturing and smuggling as a commercial element of the game, and database dives showed many hidden game elements reserved for players including a separate GM only area for the players known as Jovian Space and genetically superior eugenic-supremacist group of "Jove" aliens reserved for staff and special partners.

The behavior of these firms employees only served to confirm, as we watched them in live events speaking to minor children talking about getting drunk and high - and failing to perform as guests hosting an event with predominately minors present. Something was terribly wrong. This was witnessed by the owner of Norman Computers and staff, as well as myself, and I was personally asked to take over such events when the White Wolf Press team were too high to perform on one occasion. Efforts to appropriate my character, LEGAL NAME, and performance after such event as their content is plagiarism, and my work and performance were never licensed or sold in such 'emergency request to help the convention', nor contracted with WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING or CCP GAMES INC. or PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB. Since 1991, my convention name is STRYX, as used in 1992 registration and 1996 CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION computer company global services as STRYX@CHICKASAW.COM then, and well known as the author of documents for FASA CORPORATION and GAMES WORKSHOP hobbies in fan-owned independent sites ranked in the top 10 results for years on in 1996-1999.

Crude humor is not foreign to me, but this was corruption of a minor in tone, and went far beyond just approaching young players - offering the community unsafe and illegal racketeering activity as a means to gain community reach. I've watched this develop, in part with Dallas Texas and Denton Texas drug community direct support of this publisher conduct, to the extent that it normalized drug use and benefits of drug trafficking across the hobby community, exclusive to anyone who was not 'down to clown' with this approach. I was literally approached in 2010 June in this activity, related growing appropriation of the Insane Clown Possee merchandise and icons as a gang affiliation index for gradeschool approach of minor children. In 2011 I was threatened as a commercial business in extortion and racketeering for refusing to support this organize narcotics activity reaching out to events in Oklahoma. In 2012 our partner firm hired a licensed Private Investigator, who contacted the VAMPIREFREAKS.COM community of ICP, where their leader cooperated in disclosing his fear of a violent element of serious narcotics trafficking and sex trafficking activity which had overcome his group of 30,000 members based in State of New York electronic forums and prompted him to plead for help and assistance due to fear for his own life and family. He was afraid to leave the group at such time, and fully cooperated with our investigation, giving information on private video chat features being used there to approach minors and recruit and pressure persons to enter into Interstate criminal activity despite ages under 18, and organized use of sexting and video capture to collect blackmail on users under the age of 18, which was relayed then by our investigator to law enforcement and a formal report made.

While most of our generation retreated to video games to avoid this drama, we saw a pattern of threats from various companies we prior vetted as conservative (Koch Bros) and responsible mature content developers - at an alarming pace.

As of August 2022, we identified the nexus of such threats with a transfer of ownership of established brands and pre-existing titles we had prior held in good report, to this new entity and its anti-competitive business practices documented in 2002-2022 and 2013-2022 threats.

The parties have leveraged their actions by concealing their relationship under numerous (18+) legal subsidiaries acquired in a Chinese Holding Company fashion (see: TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD), and to defraud victims by portraying the joint abuse as a delusion before police and State and Federal Law Enforcement, in criminal activity expressly pledged and openly threatened and further done to harm with intent to disable other businesses. In 2022 December, our investigation has discovered over 127 companies have been acquired in a $7 billion investment in Sweden via EMBRACER GROUP AB, formerly NORDIC GAME LICENSING AB, prior also known as THQ NORDIC AB. This firm, like DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., appears to have been 'fabricated' by investors to shield money from foreign government monopoly activity similar to TENCENT (6 Trillion USD) and NTT GROUP ($100 billion/yr) into related interactive media and franchise rights markets, applying State utility profits to overcome the domestic foreign and popular franchise rights of properties that are engaged in ages 11-17 for political and monopoly purposes - overwhelming small domestic firms valued at under $1 billion USD in working capital - and attacking firms whose owners refuse to sell or normalize CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY, NIPPON KAIGI POLITICAL PARTY OF NATION OF JAPAN, and NETHERLANDS WHITE SUPREMACIST SOCIALIST practices and claims which are commercial franchise of the prior two countries extreme view of religious and ethnic tolerance as mental illness contrary the truth of a unified society - and to maliciously and aggressively style Christianity, Republican government concepts of inherent rights not owing society or government services in-consideration of protection and recognition, and family values of authority in conflict or dissent with the state as "overt mental illness" to abuse and dismember the United States and its territorial governments, public trust, and contracts with individuals and religious minorities.

Often their strategy is to pretend to 'expose' some damaging personal and commercial claim in blackmail, while concealing the legal disclosure obligated of material facts as if forensic due diligence in wholly commercial areas were 'stalking' of their person and a private person standing maintained despite REGISTERED AGENT status and PUBLIC TITLE obligated disclosure to distinguish 'COMPETITORS' from private citizens.

For example: if we wrote an editorial about the academic copyright of a work, they would in turn publish direct claims of TRANSGENDER IDENTITY to conceal a child and intimidate potential clients and investors, in concert with threats of material property damage and criminal trespass with serious bodily harm expressly alluded to and at times described. Then accuse us of stalking, for reporting the employer for whom they were acting at that time, in commercial fraud to coerce our change of report. This is presently ongoing and documented in November 14 2021 to January 22rd 2023, in hundreds of messages and threats, false identity claims, and incorporated THE DAILY STORMER host and Canadian and Texas sympathizers to these organized Klu Klux Klan -like activities; targeting persons over the age of 65 and relying on concealment of family members as hostages to do so - holding up the compliance of such hostages taken at birth and concealed from all contact with their parent as proof of some legal right at law contrary express COURT ORDERED JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and evasion of ORDERED POSSESSION in fraud to abduct and conceal newborn children.

A COMPETITOR may not demand "show proof" of work in progress, employees, client names, income, earnings, or condition performance upon a right-to-work in such 4th Amendment search carried out by false civil procedure (such as a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST from a legal address of service NOT AFFORDING COURT PROCESS) or to blackmail or obtain for commercial gain such findings in an unlawful investigation or felony stalking of a person. This was done in January 2022, prior the blackmail act that impersonated my dead mother and her legal will.

What we are prepared to do today is demonstrate the COMPETITOR status of those parties, the nexus, and the financial value in franchise exceeding $425 million USD subject to such fraud activity; whereby use of WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD in context is a serious offense to obtain money, property, or information sought from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. by the parties in 2001-2022 ongoing fraud. Since the time of this writing, we have confirmed with the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, that the party sending the threats (2002-2023) and creating the hate site (2002-2004, 2011, 2013-2023, 2021-2023) is the DIRECTOR of the Texas firm "IX NETWORKS LLC" and employee of COLOMART and other clients at 2323 Bryan St, Dallas Texas; working with PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO and other NPR AFFILIATE STATIONS in Enid Oklahoma (KEIF-LP) and State of California and University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI USA) - tied to SDS (Students for a Democratic Society, a parent group of the terrorist group The Weather Underground - founded at Univ. of Michigan), which appear to be the SENIOR IP ENGINEER and DIRECTOR OF IP ENGINEERING at NTT COMMUNICATIONS aka NTT AMERICA aka NTT/VERIO group with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and "" account and and and LOOPBACK0.NETWORK group hosted on SHARKTECH.NET and ATLANTIC.NET servers - virtual clients of ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM of Copenhagen Denmark and "ATLANTIC.NET DALLAS LLC" of Dallas Texas. These servers: PATRIOT.LOSTSERVER.NET / ATLAS.LOSTERVER.NET / TITAN.LOSTSERVER.NET / HARPOON.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK / SATURN.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK / THORN.BLACKROSE.ORG appear to be working with registrars for THECHURCHBOARD.COM and DEPREF.NET in Reykjavik Iceland to threaten and make eugenic and ethnic threats with physical property damage linked to vehicles at 139 Park Valley Court Coppel TX 75019 as of October 2022 in a pattern of interference in U.S. Mail and Court Service of Process. Theft of SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM in 2002 April by TERRABOX.COM CO employees, then aiding abduction of a minor child, are linked to ongoing 2015-2021 vehicle strikes (5) on a mailbox of a REGISTERED AGENT of a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES to defraud; and warrant our investigation of this conduct and ongoing employment of a missing and exploited child to carry such commercial fraud and explicit fraudulent conveyance of OKLAHOMA REGISTERED TRADEMARK NO 12415565 and 12341878 for illicit use by PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, EMBRACER GROUP AB, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, ASUS COMPUTERS, MICROSOFT CORPORATION related brand appropriation, and subsequent NVIDIA CORPORATION duplication and egregious use of such marks to harm a company located in THE CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION established in 1990 June 23rd and entitled JOINT MANAGING COSERVATORSHIP over such missing and exploited child from 2000 October to present, employed in Interstate and International commercial theft explicitly cited in 2013 as $93500 USD for property valued over $2 billion USD in franchise and plagiarism to franchise for human trafficking purposes.

This follows and demonstrates a prior pattern of organized racketeering and legal resistance to exploitation of license and services by DALLAS TEXAS (USA) employees of NTT/VERIO, documented in previous court actions: Prior Organized Intellectual Property Abuse by VERIO Employees. These acts enjoin NTT COMMUNICATIONS by officer standing in active abuse and endorsement which carry liability for global and International criminal activity with political interference in the election and public trust of the United States against NATION OF JAPAN and Government of Japan; and in clear election to incite and act on behalf of radical NETHERLANDS groups and Austrian ownership of such works with sympathizers in REPUBLIC OF GERMANY and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, employing traditional 1935-1945 AXIS tactics and threats repugnant to ordinary trade and the law of nations and law of the seas, and in a clear and premeditated intent to engage in piracy and violation of the Uniform Commercial Code and Articles of Rome.

Such activity warrants action under THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE (A United States Treaty), and other protections of the Berne Convention denied for ethnic and political suffrage abuse of persons as sub-human and by abuse of faux medical claims identical to National Socialist Workers Party and Communist Party rhetoric, with violence under color of law and false identity and from multiple national jurisdictions to evade and thwart local, state, Federal, and International Justice; for which the United States has no legal right to adjudicate or disclaim or otherwise deny protection or recognition of wrongdoing formally or informally to victims nor withhold or delay remedy and relief and restitution a duty owed for negligence and abandonment of its obligations in-consideration of all political and legal authority; and the employment of such conduct to overcome and disable, dismember, and corrupt the republican form of government of the United States in an attack upon the charter of such nation by commerce and fraud and violence against persons and children; for which cassus belli and other relief are a right at law to all people in resistance and without party or lines of clear or direct injury a human obligation to give immediate and full resistance to in any degree. - Lex Rex Imperialis, 2020

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