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Disabled Human Clients

Editorial: James Allen
Date: July 15 2022

Yes. We also have human clients. Though many people don't treat them like human beings because of LEGAL DISABILITIES or MEDICAL ILLNESS of a documented nature; that demonstrate why they come to us.

HIPAA protects our clients from any obligation (or right) to disclose their names and information without express and lawful purpose use.

One such client, a Type II Diabetic, with spine and shoulder and hand injuries, was seriously injured in 2017 due to the "legal sham", imposing over $300,000 USD in costs on U.S. Taxpayers due to failure to provide basic services by Pontotoc County and City of Ada.

As such, and in regard to documented deficiency to deliver transporation and repeated (3) consecutive efforts to disbar the client from Federal Social Security Benefits, substantial legal claims arise from the ongoing harassment to suggest that those persons either do not exist or are not eligible 22 O.S. §22-13 legal witness status due to common injury in a pattern of false medical care by STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

Unless you are an attorney for the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, you do not want to go down that road with us as your demands will be made component of a Federal criminal complaint.

We take these matters very seriously, since Orval Price - who provided the office space to us and sat on the Board of Directors of Valley View Regional Hospital of Ada (now MERCY HOSPITAL in PONTOTOC COUNTY), was very clear about the purpose and use and services for the operational support at this facility.


Our role as advocate, a physical aid and material support to engage other legal and medical care for disadvantaged persons, is component to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. operations pro bono and discounted service and capabilities work. Our clients include persons with high functioning autism, hearing disability, and other communication difficulties, whose care is critical to our client privacy and security.

You will not receive photos, locations, check-ins on Facebook, travel plans, or other information due to this activity - and all such information is prohibited distribution and publication due to their right to privacy under HIPAA regulations.

While the company offers commercial software, commercial intellectual property development, entertainment and communications services; those products encompass these persons data and as such are prohibited access without a legal cause in formal subpoena limited to purpose.

Efforts to compel surrender of this information or suggest no right to commerce due to use of HIPAA rules and regulations in support of our clients is a felony in Oklahoma (21 O.S. §21-1533).

Do not suppose to make demands on our company to suggest or demand proof of use or activity in economic and material support of injured legal persons or their cestui que beneficiaries.

If you do not know what those words mean, go hire an attorney to ask us because we will not continue to discuss it with incompetent persons at law.


For many permanently disabled persons, online RGP products are a lifestyle and social lifeline to other people that does not discriminate due to physical injury or disability.

Video Games offer structured activities, events, and social contact vital to their welfare. This is a central component to our online interactive computer service software and equipment design and license service.

Design of systems that allow low-income users to enjoy high-value capital features via advanced network services are a fundamental element of our designs and innovation.

Because this is a global market with very large scale future vertical revenue, the right to protect such trade secrets is explicit in Oklahoma Statutory Law (Title 21).

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