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Who are our Competitors

Editorial: James Allen
Date: July 15 2022

To understand how our business came to be subject to violence, the public must be made aware of who our (real) competitors are, in nature of their activity.

Specifically, our competitors are "regional licensing companies" acting fraudulently as "publishers" in confusion before the general public, using properties they neither originated or own outright.

Companies like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is a "true owner" of an intellectual property, and that concept is alien to many of these "would-be-competitors".

To understand this, you must understand their true-owners are "PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC)" and "NATION OF JAPAN" or its government bodies "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)" and "Government of Japan" (GoJ, a legal entity that owns 23% of equity stock outright in a special-arrangement with NTT GROUP of Japan).

While firms like NTT GROUP appear to be "telecommunications companies" and "privately or publicly traded entities"; the reality is that the beneficial owner of such franchise or its equity in substantial (5%+) share are "foreign sovereign governments" themed to be legal persons (ens legis, anatural creatures of legal fiction) made as a cestui que trust (trust estate) with interest our laws grant to them under business structures and trade themed "private entities" and "franchises of state or Federal government monolopy over commerce in a region" which suggest equal standing among such parties regardless size or capital reserve or affiliation at-law in the United States Legal system.

When "hostile foreign soveriegn governments" who regard the "United States" (nation) or "UNITED STATES" (government ens legis body of that nation, so commissioned in the bylaws of incorporation of the national charter) engage in this activity; we (wrongly) grant them standing in our (United States) markets as if they are ordinary persons in agreement with our laws and customs to trade.

However, these franchise activities of "hostile foreign sovereign governments" made by direct legislation a virtual extension of military and sovereign interest expressly on commission - such as PRC corporations (CO LTD normally); or in cases of monopoly over industry as in NTT GROUP of Japan so owned in "beneficial owner" interest by the government body who make laws to their benefit and profit barred in the United States; these activities carry substantial risk of conflict-of-interest.

Specifically, the "foreign sovereign" theology predicated in their home jurisdiction at-law becomes the active operating order of their private non-military commercial culture and employees and subcontractors activity in our jurisdiction.

This promotes falsely their legal system and values and (lack) of rights into our region or territories, as did the United Kingdom / Great Britain / Britannia in its use of "The East India Trading Company" and "Colonialism".

Where such content created in a region under jurisdiction of the PRC or NoJ then elects a "partner" or "preferred distribution service" for license in our country, they choose a proxy company legally formed by domestic parties who - while legally distinct by capital and national registration of its incorporators and stakeholders, is virtually a colonial body of the foreign sovereign and "hostile nation".

While we prefer not to think of any nation as a "hostile nation", for that suggests racial and ethnic attribution of a people to inherent violence and "other"-ness from our own "inclusive" and "accepting" values and public presence; the reality is that the "foreign sovereign government body" and specifically some sub-set of that body in legal position and belief and conviction are "hostile" and sustain previous serious and lasting "grievances" with our country, states, people, and by extension our culture and legal system commissioned and duly made.

These "extremist hardline hold-outs" from prior conflict, such as NTT GROUP activity to support the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and persons who hold the resulting nuclear weapon use on Hiroshima and Nagisaki (Japan) to be "war crimes", are fairly evident in the behavior of their subcontractor "NTT AMERICA" and "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS" toward SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its military family members over 2001-2021.

Likewise, many in the PRC jurisdiction among the hardline CCP still hold a serious resentment toward the American Soldiers who fought and blunted the invasion of Korea by Communist China in the Battle of Chosin Resevoir.

This is evident in the defamatory letters about Clyde Allen, a U.S. Armed Services member who died in 2002, by NTT affiliate LOSTSERVER labor organization; and Jared Mauch of Michigan (Director of IP SERVICES, NTT AMERICA) in hosting such fraud with PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (NGO, State of California - self-described "Affiliate" front for NTT GROUP in State of California).

Because of these overt threats, we regard NTT GROUP as a hostile foreign government agency active in terrorist hoax activity against the United States and State of Oklahoma today at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its partners.

Claims in retaliation for this discovery, linkage, and reports (47 page) to the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION COMMISSION regarding the $40 billion controlling interest takeover bid by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP of Japan and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD of China; upon existing ALIBABA GROUP CO LTD joint party role in both BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the prior $7 billion USD venture in "UBER" brands; to promote electric vehicle adoption and a similar monopoly for the prior parties and patent claims in SOFTBANK ROBOTICS of France intended to conceal this relationship and data partnership with NTT GROUP; from which ARM HOLDINGS CO LTD of China (51% global stock of ARM HOLDINGS CO LTD of United Kingdom themed component exclusive patent holder to tender the formal deal) was subsequently split (nationalized, duplicated in all patent rights) by PRC after delay issued by the United Kingdom citing the clear and evident threat to takeover of both ARM HOLDINGS CO LTD and NVIDIA CORPORATION by representative partners in NoJ acting there as proxy for true-ownership by PRC franchise and services.

When franchises of PRC and NoJ operate in monopoly with government bodies to legislate "EV" (Electric Vehicle) mandates putting the competitors and U.S. Industry who do not hold the patents to these products out of business by national direction of industry; even under environmental or emission control regulations or other "Organizational Safety and Health Association (OSHA)" claims; Americans can see how this represents a direct felony taking of right to work (XXIII-1A) both in mandates to use other foreign sovereign nation's patents and rare earth mineral resources over domestic fuel and transportation already in place; as well as in vaccine mandates subscribed by the 46th POTUS to suggest INTERSTATE COMMERCE a monopoly entitled violating the State Constitution of Oklahoma in protected rights enumerated in Article II section II-37 "health services" provisions barring mandates conditioned civil employment contract or trade and monopoly control of such industrial franchise through "capital qualifiers" and "subsidies" paid from the public trust to "elect, compliant, subservient firms" which are denied to other firms asserting their "enumerated right" against this fraud.

You must understand, these "boundary issues" which limit the authority of a "commissioned legal body" such as a "government body" so made in the incorporation of the member States of the Federal Union and "State of Oklahoma" in 1907 then ratified by "The Congress of the United States" in all construction of words and rule ( see Article I section I-1 and I-II ); simply do not exist as restrictions in the mind of such persons under "foreign soverign influence" by emoluments clause in the Constitution of the United States - whether by direct gifts or titles (see Article I section 9 and 10) or through gifts or titles or appointment in the "public trust" or similar "public office" of franchise or commerce or securities issued by a "foreign sovereign government" to their family members or agents in proxy.

As such, we are witnessing a "sale of the court" (II-6) in the 117th Congress of the United States and 46th President of the United States, which is both unforgivable and contrary the construction of the United States commission; a thing repugnant to the making and intent of such document even if not explicitly barred by construction of words, end so evident to any person of competence given insight and information about these high-value market and rare earth EV products and industries.

Similarly, the license and sale of "propaganda" and "political rhetoric" in media aimed at vulnerable-and-young-audiences, ages 9-17 and 18-24, via media distribution franchises like NETFIX and HULU, and equity in DISNEY COMPANY and PARAMOUNT PICTURES portfolio, reflect the substantial "foreign sovereign influence" that national capital can buy via proxy franchise activity in domestic (United States) markets and private media firms.

Today, no one regards FACEBOOK INC. (META) or INSTAGRAM (their creature) or TWITTER INC. as "neutral", and all such platforms are in violation of 47 U.S.C. §230(c) rule that SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. lobbied to have passed into law against such "theft, mutiliation, and vandalization of publications to suggest false claims upon contrary protected speech and good credit and reputation of the ens legis and image of the living agent of such cestui que trust so made for INTERSTATE COMMERCE and property" as have those services now incorporated in their "warning labels" attached to defame and impair INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

The claim that a civil "terms of service", a tort (contract), may suspend these rights is fraud, per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9.

As is the fraud evident to a simple person that the "solicitation of participation" was not and never shall grant express or implied consent to alter or "editorialize" content filed for publication "as is" by users of an "Interactive Computer Service"; and such powers granted by 47 U.S.C. §230 are limited to "removal" only or "restriction of access" to specific audiences. This is a Construction of Words at law, so made, not a suggestion or minimal waiver of such use of INTERSTTE COMMERCE themed a "common carrier" and "equal protection" afforded under law alone sole standard of restriction, for which the actions of the prior firms and their partners and allies violate Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-3 and II-22 again, felony overt acts on prima facie.

The mere suggestion that "participation is equal in protection, a right" cannot be then disclaimed later to suit a political or public policy not made a law of the United States and the consent of the members of any State of the Federal Union or any Territory or jurisdiction into which such "INTERSTATE COMMERCE" extend its reach and impair or cause false loss of local and domestic market share while violating local (common, statutory, or Constitutional) law.

The "solicitation" of "use of communication so protected by the laws of contract and tort barring any suspension of such rules there made" declines any authority to these CCP and NoJ claims now common by FACEBOOK INC. (META) and "TWITTER", and other media platforms sustaining false policy and rhetoric to influence and intimidate public voters under color of being "news" programs or "news" agencies engaged in legitimate (privileged information, 21 O.S.) journalism and reporting on legal affairs and public legal questions.

To the contrary, this is "foreign soverein agency" in evidence, and by practice and public policy prima facie information of unlawful use of the franchise of the United States and its member states to coerce and intimidate and suggest the overthrow by incitement of violence and civil unrest against the commission of the Union, the United States, and its member States common and individual rights prior affirmed protection across all jurisdictions of the Federal Union against local, domestic, and foreign interference.

Our competitors, in light of such overt acts, would seek to suggest it is we - not they - who are illegitimate authority of the commission duly made by the United States and State of Oklahoma, and of all privileges and rights enumerated by the higher authority vested solely in the People of those Indian Territories and incorporators.

The very act, once well understood in concert with the "true parties" at law, is a public announcement of treason against the United States commission and letters patent.

While our competitors "salvage" media via limited term license and distribution tort, as done by "A.D. Vision", "Funimation", "Adult Swim", "Crunchyroll" and other firms now defunct or generally under direct ownership of "Sony Entertainment", a franchise of "Nation of Japan" so made; we cite that the good faith and general good will of the local and domestic industry whose fans and artists alike once excelled in the beauty of deep political and theological satire in literary science fiction and fantasy art are now incorporated by a "foreign sovereign legal and political trust" from which dissent and opposing media are themed "criminal" and "persona non grata" (ex juris).

For those not fluent in Latin or its use in the courts of English and U.S. Law, that means "excommunicato" (expelled, eligible for violence and not protected by the law of ordinary civil rights afforded ordinary persons who are subject to the court); and used to suggest a right to attack and take their property without other legal cause on sight (Kill on Sight, KoS policy of online games and communities). Literally, ex juris means "outside the protection of law", a sentence themed exceedingly harsh which authorized use of force to drive persons from the community in exile as a legal sentence since Biblical and Feudal times, now known in the English term "OUTLAW".

By declaring SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. "OUTLAW" in these acts and in disguise and to assault and proclaim such fraud a "legal sham" (21 O.S. §21-1533), have "CCP" and "GoJ", and on behalf of their respective national parties "PRC" and "NoJ" undertaken a very criminal act barred by International Law; to suggest an authority to de-commission the legal franchise of a foreign government or state (Oklahoma) to obtain (adjudicate, a false public pronouncement for cause under color of law contrary factual statutory code) property and right-to-work from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its partners.

Whereby, those subcontractors and employees acting in such capacity and name, and by living agents and their ens legis estate(s) and aliases both registered and unregistered in labor organization themed XXIII-1A violations at law, enjoin the parties having made issue of their "Letters of Marque" (commission to take prizes and conquest) in the name of a nation or State or government body or its industry; a clear act of war regardless of the use of disguise or misdirection or other false flag employed to do so.

And by such act, in civil agreement among two or more parties against the property of a third and incorporating taking and injury to their family (elderly and minor persons) so engaged in acts which a commissioned State such as "United States" or "State of Oklahoma" or the respective government made pursuant that commission are not entitled to obstruct or rescind or deny the legal authority reserved in 76 O.S. §76-9 and 22 O.S. §22-32 and §22-33 of the People to organized and resist with "all necessary force" to the total restoration of their rights, reputation, and property; and to the perpetual restoration of their security against future threat or taking or fraud in context to the offense.

War, is the name for this act, done to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its incorporators, living persons entitled full right to response.

War exists whether declared or undeclared, and is in the making of injury or threat to do so, commissioned by the parties who engage in such acts or support them or in any material way give aid and comfort to their execution or protection.

William Gibson, the writer who coined the term "Cyberpunk", foresaw this development as governments and courts collapsed under high-speed and International electronic commercial activity beyond their conventional physical law enforcement experience and will to pursue across multiple jurisdictions; calling it "Corporate Wars".

"Corporate Wars" are really "Foreign Sovereign aggression against private persons in interest of taking under color of law the public reputation, credit, investment, franchise, and license to operate monopoly activity in other jurisdictions foreign to themselves and their limited physical territory - and performed by proxy and delegation to representatives which they may later claim or disclaim based on public approval of such actions without risk or liability."

In International Affairs, this is "plausible deniabilty", and in use by formal intelligence agencies such as the United States Central Intelligence Agency since its employment of "Peace Corp" infiltration and placement activity under NGO status in the 20th Century.

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, correctly identified this activity in State of Texas use of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA embassy to coordinate and orchestrate industrial espionage and sabotage in the year 2020.

Retired Colonel Oliver North further spoke of this abuse in his 2021 public letter to President Joseph Biden, citing PRC use of these tactics part of a formal strategy to overthrow United States commecial and industrial advantage in cooperation with military expansion and development over microprocessor technology and manufacturing.

Don't Be Simple

What such fraud represents in practice as "soft" and "hard" measures combined, is evident in the lack of malice in public facing retail services appearance and employee good faith; while a minority component of persons engage in very bad faith activity such as damaging property, writing false reviews, shooting into competitor facilities, driving over U.S. Mail recepticals of competitor offices, impersonating competitor officers in defamatory activity, and inciting violence against competitor officers and employees and property of both the firm and those private persons to intimidate.

Obviously everyone at a large organization is not involved or aware of such conduct, nor would they be a party to any organization that admitted this activity.

However, the action of any employee or product director to engage in violations of a clear and evident infringement paired with such criminal violence and threats exceed ordinary mutual discovery or namespace collission in "fantasy trademark" registration, to expose unfair business practices and organized interstate racketeering activity that has no legal defense in corporate personhood from liability against the whole organization for offense by any agent or agency thereof.

With corporate liability protection and authority comes corporate obligation to assume responsibility for the activity of any employee or person acting in coordination with employees in unregistered labor organization (XXIII-1A).

So if company A and its employee launch a product to exploit a company (C) while company B employees attack to disable company C personnel and public confidence to degrade law enforcement response and support; the relationship between Comapny A and Company B is established regardless of the lack of a formal W2 or 1099m contract between company A and empoyees of company B, provided other evidence of violation of letters of patent and stated intent to disable and convert, forfeit, or transfer or claim (adjudicate) that property in contest were made beforehand or by letter (21 O.S. §21-1304).

Article XXIII section XXIII-1A affirms this right, a crime defined by the State of Oklahoma and jurisdiction in 21 O.S. §21-1305 so made.

To use the old "real estate" example, a bank seeks to purchase all the land in a valley. The employee of the bank does not burn your farm down, but the person they have a relationship with does. Liability for the burning in concert with legal effort to compel surrender of the famr to the bank, for enrichment of the bank employee or their career prospects arising from the act of their associate, are criminal regardless of any formal relationship authorized or registered by the bank with the arsonist.

Efforts to coerce the farm owner to sell at a price directed below their minimum or against their will, further, suggest this "endorsement" and "coercion" of illicit influence a relationship with the bank seeking to make purchase (or license) of such property.

As a company with clear title to such franchise, the threats against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. by persons seeking to coerce the sale or franchise of our property against our will differ in NO WAY from those of the prior scenario. Naming as such in these written threats "VALUE SOFTWARE" and "iD Software", a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media Inc.; and damaging permanently our otherwise "good relationship" with ZeniMax and iD Software LLC.

Whether iD Software LLC or ZeniMax are aware of these criminal threats or not, and notwithstanding their authorization of such illicit tactics, we are not able to fairly consider their bid for middleware software products under such criminal duress by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF MICHIGAN and STATE OF CALIFORNIA unregistered labor seeking extortion demands for over $70,000 USD in funds at this time, December 10th 2021.

Impersonation of companies to carry such threats by the parties in the prior case, further, divert law enforcement away from the actual "Foreign Sovereign" and "Texas Nationalist Movement" members responsible for this fraud and partnership with PRC/NoJ investment in State of Texas data centers and via DIGITAL REALTY TRUST and EQUINIX, firms known to us only as a result of attacks on our data center from their NTT GROUP sites.

While we know these parties to be PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO of Richardson Texas, TEK SYSTEMS, and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES of Texas; this does not ease relations with Nation of Japan or use of their data centers and routers to carry out attacks on our network and business in concealment of a child.

Further direct participation by NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) Affiliate stations in Enid Oklahoma (KEIF-LP) and California, paired with telephone threats, further damage our confidence in broad business in the United States as a result of this child abuse and child taking, commercial fraud, and repeated attempts to sell or license our property to other major companies in a written systematic and organized plan of INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

All such contact and representation of these acts, so shown by Brian Young of Enid Oklahoma and Donald Beal of Dallas Texas, assert false claims of a CCP/Socialist extremist criminal enterprise disbarring commercial property rights under the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act (21 O.S. §21-1952) which were reported to our office in initial purposeful file sharing and perjury under oath admitted by Brian Wolf, a Texas business owner falsely predicating then a Texas Limited Liability Company for investment prospectus in 2002 so declined endorsement by Michael Marino, Sarah Moore, and James Allen on examination of its books and discovery of undisclosed debt and liabilities incorporated in its claims; and by refusal to surrender stolen property to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. authorized agent Christopher Maidt following assault at gunpoint on James Allen in November 2002 from 722 South Haskell Avenue, Dallas Texas leased property falsely pledged to the company to extort and in 21 O.S. 21-748.1 fraud to impose "forced labor" and theft of commercial software license themed NEWTEK LIGHTWAVE3D and other property of registry.

Sustained 2002-2021 threats reflect the failure to admit such property was, is, and remains sole license of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its taking, use, and demand for forfeiture is a criminal act on overt claims barred by Federal Anti-Piracy Legislation since 1991.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. therefore has no duty to submit to repeated search and seizure of its assets to consistently re-assert its legal right demonstrated to Officer Poole of the ADA POLICE DEPARTMENT in 2012 investigation on similar criminal "legal sham" to extort and blackmail the firm by Brian Young and Alicia Scarbrough, jointly, competitors of the firm in registry and public name in business later confirmed in 2018 arrest of Mr. Young for threat of murder reported on KOKH FOX news.

Nor to seek to affirm its letters of patent and commission on each criminal transgression or use of its well-established marks and publications by the firms to which Mr. Young or Ms. Scarbrough have prior had dealings or been legal representatives in sale upon AMAZON INC. sites, such as WHITE WOLF PRESS (legally, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, a TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD company by equity of record).

While TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD has acquired near-50% equity in "RIOT GAMES" and "EPIC MEGAGAMES", including the "EPIC STORE" (a competitor to the Valve online store:, its market share does not grant it the right to threaten, abuse, or infringe (78 O.S. §78-31) upon any property, character, image, or prospectus design covered by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. letters of patent, trademark, service mark, or the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

This would be like "Microsoft Corporation" claiming it owned a legal right in "Redhat Labs Inc." (an IBM subsidiary, founded in 1993); simply because it made products in the same "SIC" (Standard Industry Code).

Yet this is the same "look and feel" claim that many companies in foreign sovereign jurisdictions like "United Kingdom" assert wrongly, such as GAMES WORKSHOP PLC to suggest the "big shoulder" look it adapted without license from "Judge Dredd" comics (a licensor to WHITE DWARF MAGAZINE, the publication of the prior firm and licensee thereof in limited use); and did assert briefly against "ACTIVISION BLIZZARD INC." wrongly such claim to extinction on examination of the provenence (record of sale, from origin to owners in series and rights so defined of record and legal transfer of title).

In the prior case (GWUK), the theft and use without license of "ABC Robots" and "shoulder plates" from Judge Dredd property by "IPC Media Inc." (1972-2000) and recent "Rebellion Developments Limited" (2000-) owners in fact, demonstrate a history of Intellectual Property Theft by GAMES WORKSHOP PLC and its prior entities (Games Workshop Ltd.; GWUK; et al).

While companies speak of a "metaverse" like the screenplay and film "Ready Player One", in which user-created content is freely incorporated in mixed media by users and to a degree it suggests skill rather than piracy in dilution of rights to license and control such works a "freedom" wrongly paid in part or full by settlement practices of YouTube and other real-world firms evasion and business plans; the reality is that such use is illict and criminal where it seeks to coerce surrender of the property from the creator.

Contrary to that fantasy, wherein "Ready Player One" shows unique, distinct, non-fungible exclusive items crafted to a high quality of well established brands and marks and characters; the real world dilution is one of appropriation and widespread low-quality and derogatory use of intangible property rights to damage and deny the original artist earnings and credit for the commercial application and performance of such work; as we see with WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC use of the "Larry Elmore" painting style and "Chris Achilleos" works made famous in the 1970s "Heavy Metal" art publications; in similar exploitation without royalty paid to other adaptations of "Boris Vallejo" by "Mattel" toys.

While the backgrounds for Mattel "He Man" toys were magnificent, they were derived work from the original composition and techniques of another unpaid artist, fully admitted in the NETFLIX series on the making of the original toy line.

In "Beyond War", we are seeing a similar "appropriation" effort, since 2001, to compel its conversion from a literary work and fiction into a propaganda and earnings device solely to suit a party who have no equity or interest at law in the company that originated the property prior 1998.

This "taking of children to coerce the surrender of pre-existing property and title" is classic socialist forfeiture, no different than art theft in the invasion of France and Western Europe.

To see corporations participate in this or exploit this in political interest like that of CCP and GoJ anti-american activity returns us all to the days of 1941 when NTT GROUP transmitted the order to attack Pearl Harbor.

The audacity of taking is on par with FASA CORPORATION taking of Harmony Gold properties from "Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross" and "Fang of the Sun Dougram" characters for use in their boardgame, online games, and similar works.

While settlements out of court in civil action were agreed in 1996 and later in 2009 and 2018 revisited due ongoing licensing and repeated violations; the use of violence against children and living persons to compel surrender of rights to a property never arose in the "Harmony Gold v PIRANNA GAMES" or "Harmony Gold v HAREBRAINED SCHEMES" lawsuits.

As a result, some people assume that infringement is a means to compel and coerce forfeiture or settlement of a royalty from illicit earnings, contrary Title 78 Oklahoma Statutory Law, and such activity in concert with violence dismissed as if criminal and civil components of "Strong Arm Protection and Extortion in Interstate Commerce" were not evident in such abuse of content creators and licensors like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma.

Outlawing Culture and Freedom of the Press

When "Foreign Sovereign State" parties impose these claims or pay to agents engaged in any way in such activity or concealment of a child under "privacy" or other false right to impose suppression of strong-arm-blackmail and extortion of commercial property not afforded civil (tort) in taking or concealment of a child or public threat to induce (or suggest as adjudication the right whatsoever to "forfeiture" claims) for civil fines; these actions become "State Sponsored Taking of Private Property".

Especially where such State is engaged in manipulation of media to prohibit sale or use into its jurisdiction of content which represent claims, images, or values contrary its "State approved religion or convictions" as if those dissent were "mental or emotional dysfunction or illness", such as barring LGBTQ or Christian ideals, then you have a war crime known as genocide in such overt coercion to sell, alter, or abandon property in favor of the preferred licensee of such "Foreign Sovereign State".

For this reason, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. does not intend to license to certain firms or agencies its works what-so-ever, nor permit any company that would alter or molest its original content to have legal use or profit from such works what-so-ever. This does not mean SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is prohibited from use, license, franchise, or sale of such content as the owner of title; contrary any claim by PRC or "NATION OF JAPAN" representatives in the United States or elsewhere, including "Sony Entertainment" or other company.

Being aware of our "competitors" and their "separate legal interests" as a foreign unregistered agent made unlawfully in acquisition or filing of a domestic member-state company or "CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES", and in concert to their interest to import, produce, distribute, and convey false monopoly over the genre or medium by class to exclude our property from market opportunity or license or export in similar rule; explains away most of the criticism and criminal activity you will see today versus SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its partners, licensees, and official distribution.

These competitor firms are little more than "propagandists", like Nazi Comic Book Illustrators and Distributors, promoting an altered world view that is inconsistent with criticism of Communist China and Socialist Japan.

Their conduct and behavior toward performers in our witness have left us stunned at the duplicity and child-exploitation activity including "lolita" events in Oklahoma and solicitation of minors for sex-content at events in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma; to the extent we distance our firm from all their activities now in regard to its conduct and filed a formal ABLE COMMISSION complaint in Oklahoma citing what we discovered and persons there solicited before our direct witness to participate in such industry.

The acceptance of this culture arises from a general practice in PRC that suggest the "age of consent for sexual intercourse" is only 13 chronological years, and "sex tourism" a component of such outreach and International trade between domestic distributors and foreign jurisdictions.

While "NATION OF JAPAN" has a higher age-of-consent at law, it has an exclusion for illustration of underage sex and inter-species sex which attracts an equally unsavory component to the otherwise healthy and age-approriate use of characters in British and English children's stories.

Again, the letters from persons in 2013-2021 to our office by persons engaged in these threats expose a tremendous and "wildly delusional" imagination of the real product of our company as falsely implied by the abductor of the child in our complaint. Styling ordinary characters in a solely sexual manner, and to damage and dilute the public confidence in our products and franchise similar to deviant unauthorized use of other SEGA characters like "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Knuckles", or NINTENDO "Mario Brothers" obscene art work on Youtube; this sort of activity in concert to concealment and abuse of a real child has created an atmosphere of high threat and promised violence against our staff and office property over 2001-2021 concealment of a child.

While Chinese and Japanese culture do have exemptions unique to their own culture and customs, these "exploitable legal shelters" have accumulated a few deeply disturbed persons who thrive on adult-oriented sexual content available only from art-house and underage exploitation in Japan and China to engage in stalking activity against our office; encouraged by Donald Beal and Brian Young, and other members of the LOSTSERVER labor organization in this activity, while concealing a child from ORDERED POSSESSION.

We cannot, therefore, assume any formal organization or business that is engaged in activity with any of those parties to be legally distinct from the sexual assault threats and letters sent to female employees of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. on continued concealment of the child and demand for payment and money sought by the parties in concert with this activity to harm licensing and franchise rights of ordinary business and public use of our property for all audiences and mature readers of science fiction interested in political satire like "Brazil" or "George Orwell's 1984".

The effort to confuse "mature" with "sexual obscenity and pornography" appears pathological in the letters, threats, and expression of Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen, and in conduct including photography sessions and BDSM community activity evident in publications of Veronica Petersen on Livejournal prior concealment of medical injury and information concerning abuse of the child in 2002 preceeding 2002-2021 extortion and public blackmail letters to extort and disable SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as a legal business on cause of the concealed needs of the child.

Companies engaging in the exploitation are thus not legally separate from these components of a child taking for injury and perpetual concealment as collateral in a franchise licensing "legal sham", and should be mindful of any damages constituting treble their earnings a standard civil award for suggestion of original or sole or separate franchise to such works obtained under these conditions of human trafficking fraud.

Simply being a "competitor" does not separate any party from this conduct, or afford separation from interfrence in the ordinary pursuit and enforcement of civil claims that are obstructed due to overt $44 billion USD Federal Grant Fraud and theft for concealment and strong-arm extortion already expressed in concert with this activity and under color of law a contest afforded judgment and operation of law on failure to set hearings or admit witness testimony to limit State liability and damages in excess of most ($1 billion) acquisitions of similar media.

Companies just trying to carry on a business may have lesser liability, but deal in a market where the provence of such property may be enjoined such abuse and fraud to suspend consideration of a legal sale outside a direct license with the content creator under these conditions.

Failure to know the parties does not afford immunity in such sale, license, or use of our property or marks, titles, or rights under 78 O.S. §78-22 and The Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

For verification of any license or right suggested, you should speak with and obtain written statement from our REGISTERED AGENT, and use such identity verification as is strongest with our office at all times.

Failure to regard domestic violence and attempted murder in this matter, or suggest or imply such acts are fiction to sustain resistance or carry any false claim, will be construed as acts of criminal extortion in a "legal sham" (21 O.S. §21-1533) on prima facie during all contact and in any publications and communications so submect Title 21 libel terms of State of Oklahoma.

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