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Do you do Crypto?

Editorial: James Allen
Date: July 15 2022

Yes -and- no. We do Cryptcurrency research and analysis for public policy law and Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) guidance on potential altcoin and exchange integrity, impact, and application in business theory. So, while we have presence in Kraken and Binance and other exchanges of record; our portfolio is not used for investment or speculation and is part of scientific computing and academic work.

We do consult and assist in execution of services for clients of record, but are not a bank or financial institution or certified by FINRA for Financial Advice; and as such do not engage in that specific (regulated) trade or public statements.

Therefore, speculating on our cryptocurrency holdings or assets contrary public report would be a crime, themed a false prospectus and "legal sham" in any claim of record or publication not incorporating other evidence subject cross examination a duty of any real and legal State or Federal agency or business so duly registered and franchised.

Company Credits are kept in "Tal", short for "Talons" - a reference to old gold coins. Each "Tal" is $200 USD in fixed credit for use in special offers, and often given out as physical tokens exclusively for use only with our system and at our facilities.

The practice arose after our work to verify "BullionVault" and similar gold storage and precious metal securities against potential inflation and hedge fund applicaitons, and is protected under Numismatic (coin collecting) rights in the United States.

In general, all TAL balances are digital at this time. We don't want people trying to mug our clients like "leprechauns" after all, and too many people already say they are all "vampires" to risk that.

We may charge for advice on how to use and protect your software tools and information, but do not at this time charge fees or accept payment in any coin or NFT or marker other than U.S. Dollars for services or goods. This simplifies our tax position and reporting.

Comparison to BTC at broad prices are solely for comparison, and any payment made due in present-rate exchange minus fees for monthly reporting in U.S. Dollars, component to all invoicing or exchange services.

In general, payment in cash or credit themed FDIC and/or VISA/MASTERCARD is prefered via our accredited merchant service.

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