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Shadowdancers L.L.C. is a holding company, responsible for our commercial intellectual property for franchise.

Other companies who exercise similar franchise rights over copyright and license for use of TRADEMARKS, have rights prohibiting us from discussing the exact nature, qualities merchantability or fitness of purpose of such goods and services.

That is why we do not do so - in short.


Where such properties wrongly infringe upon our REGISTERED TRADEMARKS or copyright protected works and characters including specific representational creatures who are central to our business and product, such as an "alien race" of fiction designed by our company exclusively for its sole use; there shall be an excemption to that in the remarks required to bring notice of INFRINGEMENT and to cite explicit LEGAL CAUSE FOR SUCH CLAIMS AS TO DISBAR OTHER ALLEGED RIGHTS AT LAW OVER OUR WORK OR OTHER WORKS AND IN ANY PATTERN TO THAT EFFECT NECESSARY TO SHOW THE PROVENANCE OF OUR WORK IS APPROPRIATED FROM OUR PROPERTY.

To enumerate, several distinct 3rd party companies exist, which are not owners of our work or any contents or derived or diluted material whatsoever. Specifically, we will give overview of these works and their property and issues in claims to address false allegations publicly released to defraud our firm of our property:


A space war 28-32mm base squad-level infantry and diorama hobby published in 1987, based on prior license of Judge Dredd and Call of Cthulhu purposefully intermixed in aliens-space-opera settings and J.R.R. Tolkien races from MIDDLE EARTH; including orcs and trolls, elves, and dwarves.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP have fought trademark and copyright litigation to establish the unique look of their "ORK" race, a fungus-based humanoid creature which grows out of the ground wherever it bleeds, and use magic and willpower to hold together complex weapons and space ships contrary ordinary mechanical laws.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP have claimed a trademark on 'toys' named "TERMINATOR" and "SPACE MARINE", based on specific designs in their injection mold figures, not related with the prior "TERMINATOR" film rights and "T-800" endoskeleton mentioned in their CHAPTER APPROVED (red book) as a playable character with "organic flesh" making it indistinguishable from other enemy units during "infiltration".

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP have been forced to rename the "ELDAR" race the "AELDARI" after clearly adopting substantial art from the licensed works of H.P. Lovecraft based games and fiction they were publishing under limited license. This failure to admit wrong is consistent with their ongoing abuse of other companies rights.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP have created 'NECRONS', a race of endoskeleton-like robots, which use green energy and raise the dead - just like the character of American film "NECRON" in the movie "FIRE AND ICE", a copyright protected work. The Necron are themed on EGYPTIAN pyramids and weapons, head dressings, and scarab beetles, just like that American television series "Stargate SG-1".

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP have created a race of small blue humanoids known as the TAU, which is a sound-alike for the Chinese literary work "Tao Te Ching", literally The Way. Wayists are unifiers, while the TAU have animal-like creatures who go in front of their troops and screen enemy fire like black people in a Civil War movie or Zulu Warriors in a White Supremacist British Fantasy. These "Kroot" are basically the "Good Man Friday" of the Tau army, and act as a bullet sponge to keep the weak and helpless Tau from having to fight in melee without giant robot exo-armor similar to VOTOM and GHOST IN THE SHELL or that loader thing in "Aliens" (movie).

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP have created a race of mutagenic aliens with acid for blood who impregnate their victims with an egg-laying extension in their mouth - like that movie (Alien/Aliens). Victims often don't know they are infected, but their children come out half-alien half-human, and are protected from destruction by a bond with the parent superior to their own life; making it necessary to kill anyone who has been left alone with these aliens and possibly infected. These 'foreigner' and 'racial purity' themes are pretty consistent with the aliens of the series, and identical to the invasive racial stereotypes of H.P. Lovecraft in the prior period.

GAMES WORKDSHOP GROUP have created psychic powers, representing witchcraft, that can summon demons and make persons vulnerable to corrupt supernatural influence. This affords the ability to carry out inquisitorial 'witch burnings' and torture, maim, and murder anyone who is suspected of corruption, as a playable role in the game for children ages 13-17. Actual witches were unavailable for comment, but it glorifies burning people at the stake, literally, for just cause in this game.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP has demons of murder, disease, gambling, and sex in their game, which children can adhere their forces to for specific benefits and abilities above ordinary persons. The sex demons are hermaphrodites riding steeds with long ant-eater-like tongues. The muder demons collect human skulls for the skull throne. The disease demons think giving other living beings a disease is funny. The gambling demon has magical powers and spews fire and ice, while having no interest in anything that lasts whether good or bad.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP styles Interstellar travel as "flying through literal Hell", an alternate astral plane where thoughts become reality and space and time are literally distorted infintely. This allows people to pop up outside of normally long timelines as is convenient, and time-dialation (skipping time) travel, to keep resuming old battles long after the conflict has ended.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP makes clear that when the shields of the ship fail during such travel, normal humans go insane or are consumed in that space; while evolved humans such as the Chaos Space Marines appear largely unaffected and able to endure the exposure. Space storms in this plane block travel, like ships at sea, to facilitate storyline and delay help to create problems.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP portrays human life as virtually worthless, with infantry who die at the slightest touch and are torn apart by humanoid fighters two to three times their size; serving only as a backdrop for the heroic images of the main characters and giant human-sized chainsaw swords, lighting hammers, and magic powered armor that resembles a ruck sack at Marine basic training week.


BEYOND WAR consists of 13 species, 12 of which are actually playable creatures.

No creature is helpless or worthless, because the weapons in BEYOND WAR are very small, no bigger than a dime, and can cut a star in half.

Body armor is therefore kind of stupid, since the planet itself or local stellar gas giant stands no chance in hell of surviving a grazing shot with a high technology weapon.

BEYOND WAR focuses on stealth, camoflauge in plain sight, and impersonation of other aliens to avoid being blow off the face of the map.

A single soldier can kill your entire planet with a slap of their hand. Wars are fought on a much larger scale with conventional forces, but stellar wars are settled by the report of one of these legendary weapons - followed by the pivot of every force in the region to obtain or destroy it on discovery.

BEYOND WAR is therefore more like hide-and-seek than a 28-32mm tabletop small squad infantry game; as most warfighters ability to move at superluminal speeds and jump from solar system to solar system in seconds make walking through a field of cows a stupid way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Drone and remote complex signal warfare and fire control systems are inherent in the technology of the Beyond War Universe, such that kill vehicles and extreme distance anti-personnel weapons obligate every combatant to maintain signal discipline in combat.

There are no demons or psychic powers in Beyond War. It is a game of technology focused on high energy and manipulation of physical space in ways that only appear to be magic before primitive observers. Some of the combatants seem like demons, but they are simply impressions of people who died so badly that the very fabric of space took on their impression in the attack - like shadows.

Warship combat in deep space is the focus of Beyond War, with limited terrestrial contact due to the danger of the weapons technology and scale of defense field energy systems. Some systems can deflect incoming stars. For this reason, most of the telemetry and navigation technology is kept confidential, and a unique system of human-computer-game intereface essential to this proprietary game style.

Where in other games that use hit points and cumulative damage integer pools, BEYOND WAR does not.

Combat is therefore very quick, effective, and lacks the resolution loop of other tabletop wargames due to the mechanisms of the game and how they factor into the player experience. While in most games, players focus on fighting until they exhaust hit points, BEYOND WAR players focus on living after they are mortally wounded.

BEYOND WAR is therefore nothing like GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP products, other than the infantile belief that there can be no original content by some critics and competitors effort to obtain pre-release and insider information from the group.

BEYOND WAR features aliens who are ultimately transient in their class - able to change between species through mechanisms of conversion and integration. This is central to the storyline of anti-socialist anti-unitarian theology, whereby all life is sacred and precious even before the most powerful war machines ever created, because it is beautiful and equal in its dignity.

BEYOND WAR therefore does not carry a message of "ETERNAL WAR" or similar grim narrative. It is a message of eternal peace overshadowed by the intensive power of weapons that the average planetary population or collective civilization simply cannot comprehend in scale and struggle to grasp how they could exist without being utterly abused. This is because the weapons do not value destruction. They value creation, and above all things - they value love.

How anyone can confuse that with GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP products is insane.


Eve Online (formerly PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB / WHITE WOLF) is a game about player killing. It focuses on the ability to keep killing the other player over and over without consequences other than a financial account sheet.

If you like spreadsheets, you will like Eve Online.

Risk in Eve Online is purely time and credit - with very little real exposure or consquences. Everything is the same. All items are commodities. One ship is the same as another ship. Nothing really changes without "mutators" to add a "buff", and such grade-school math approach to problems is evident throughout the entire Eve Online Universe.

Ships do not require fuel, generally, and when they do it is a task to get your friends to play (work) for you to keep your stuff from going offline and dying.

The game works like a multi-level marketing scheme. There is very little that a person can get done alone, and groups prey on other groups in a process designed to antagonize the players to continue to recruit more real-life friends - because numbers are the only metric that actually matter in the game.

The game claims to have developed lag as a 'feature', and cannot handle even small battles between 10,000 versus 10,000 ships in real time.

Technology used in the game is falsely portrayed as being multi-tasking, while design notes show a clear awareness of single-threaded workload limitations that were falsely portrayed to the public in order to sell a performance claim which the game never delivered.

Most of Eve is a product of social time and appreciation of artwork, made possible with tools from other companies that CCP did not develop and utilized only as a standard part of the developing capabilities of the hardware in the industry.

When the GPU capabilties did not develop as quickly and supply chain issues impacted the game during crypto-currency competition, development stopped and major promised elements were abandoned completely - and wisely - as being both impractical and impossible on common systems and most of the original users platforms.

Addition of Heat and OVERHEATING is directly lifted from FASA CORPORATION games like Battletech, Mechwarrior Online, and a strange but incorrect adapatation of systems described in the mid-1990s by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. for a proposed game during confidential hiring in Dallas Texas, then themed exported to Iceland and invitation to work for the new firm as an employee extended to the developer of the actual working system after obtaining funding. Such conduct has left CCP INC. in the position of a HOSTILE COMPETITOR to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. since that time; and to change its alleged start-date as a company several times in repeated counter claims to the 1991 established firm in Oklahoma.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. regards CCP INC. and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB as engaged in active piracy of software, technology, and services - for which all access to our network, products, and details are banned in concert with harassment from 2002-2022 toward our firm to overcome our objections and abuse our early role in such work documented by our company and registration of early product testing without NON-COMPETE CLAUSE.

Documents confirming our claims of SINGLE THREADED and physically scaled systems inconsistent with public marketing, are now in our possession to show this fraud and limitations employed to damage investment and credit for the original U.S. developer of the BEYOND WAR technology and game engine.

The EVE ONLINE engine was Python based, then refactored for speed, and has no code base which is part of BEYOND WAR in our software which is C++ based and written for compilation on very strict platforms and clients with strong environmental user controls.

EVE ONLINE is a game with economic trade aspects, adapted from software themed to be proprietary and protected, in a developer managed economy predicated as a "purely player run economy" falsely solicited to users for initial interest and future features that were never realized.

Like Ultima Online, that economic model broke down, was affected by "fairness" pricing to tax players who rent more factories or fabrication slots, and such controls essentially a cap on production to install a false economy. The crafting system of EVE ONLINE is not unique, copyright worthy, nor protected work - and has incorporated elements mentioned in our work repeatedly to a disturbing frequency to suggest developer plagiarism is an ever-present and ongoing threat from CCP INC employees.


Other companies own franchise rights independent of the prior two competitors (GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, CCP GAMES INC.). The prior serves only to drive home to very lazy readers that this is not a duplicate of another game, no matter how ignorant some pedophile on the Internet screams it.

Our firm has work experience for PLANETSIDE 2 and MECHWARRIOR ONLINE beta testing - which are far superior real-time mass combat games than the prior offerings.

It is important to recognize when a game is a 'childrens game' and where it is a 'simulation software' of mechanical and physical scope. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. strives to deliver a physical simulation experience, not a simple experience with a set of cross hairs and a flashy gun sound to make children excited about playing war games with other children (and adults with a lot of time on their hands).

One of our first issues was age.

We were intent that our game be for adults - and feature adult situations including search and rescue, combat logistics, and other unusual pre and post combat experience for players. For this reason, all players of the game must receive a background check and be 24 years of chronological age or more to receive a SEVEN ALPHA X.509 pass to use BEYOND WAR. Everyone playing BEYOND WAR is an adult that you will meet.

This alone, is worth the trip.

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