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Animal Rescue Operations

Editorial: James Allen
Date: July 15 2022

The firm has since 1996 maintained animal rescue for at least one cat through 2021.

James' foster mother was a veterinary assistant. The company has, since 1996, had on site one cat as mascot of the firm. Abduction, injury, and harassment of that animal by non-patrons has been a cause for additional security.

At present, two of the server-cats are in serious condition, both survivors of abuse by persons engaged in a "legal sham" to extort the firm.

Each animal is over 15 years of age, with the last abuse incident August 31st 2020.

Due to injuries inflicted on that pet, themed felony animal abuse, access to the server cats is limited to necessary disturbance only; and since December 6th 2021 the eldest female is in intensive care with support every 3 hours due to illness diagnosed by Southern Animal Veterinary Center and documented prior abuse in 2020 by non-employee outside persons, named in a formal police report of felony animal abuse.

Efforts to therefore use the animals to suggest some wrongdoing after such acts is component to a felony "legal sham".

It all started with a girl obtaining permission to bring one cat, and returning with two. She abandoned these animals in 1996, destroying property on Kirby Drive leased by the firm, and left the company to care for the resulting mess. In 2001, the firm adopted "babycat", a black longhair trapped on a freeway. He passed in 2008, a victim of abuse by State of Texas residents during violence to kidnap a child.

Another female employee abandoned a yellow cat in the office of the firm in 2002. That cat remains our senior male in 2021, sitting by the Crownpoint Ave Door of the Office, the Eastern Door where the Master resides.

In passing, two young females came to our office on 17th Street as snow fell, and would freeze if left alone. First one, for whom RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED was named in honor of her raccoon-like striped long tail; and then another as the Winter came very strong that year, her sister; were admitted.

In the loss of the great black cat, who was promised to return to visit the daughter taken in 2001 on her last conversation, a new cat appeared. Behind a pool display in the dark of night, he cried out hurt and orphaned, a victim of a dog attack. The RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED Director of European Affairs took that cat in, and he became "the black cat" promised to return since 2008. His name was chosen to suggest everlasting life, and he was adopted by the eldest sister of the twins. And he has loved her ever since. He dotes on her and protects her since her injury in 2020 at every moment, her constant protector.

We had no intention of adding another server cat, having taken on that number, but in 2011 someone threw a kitten out of a passing vehicle in the street in front of the private investigator's office. The fall broke its tail and cut it badly. There was fear it would not live, so we took it in.

This became the Penthia, the fifth point in our little star of server cats. Her loss of a tail left her like a little bulldog. Unable to run or balance, wide in her stance, and drooling when happy like a rotweiller - she remains the youngest at 10 years old this 2021.

Caring for a kitten, for an older cat - in a colony - is like a booster shot in the arm. It contributes to their exceptionally long life, health, and good disposition. All of these are indoor-only domestic socialized animals who keep our staff company and provide a zen like Buddhist environment of care and service which is encouraged among all personnel.

The little concrete pagoda on the West Door is a reminder of this space, created in good stewardship of our non-human companions and their needs; for which the firm continues to pass on to clients and customers in the same quality of care and compassion in all service.

The black cat has taken to stealing money and shiny objects, which it presents in its food bowl in payment for food. When we carry the elder cats and feed them he shows his appreciation by padding the foot of the employee who is giving care to the injured. Each is remarked by their name, and greeted, as Mark Twain did the animals who passed his house, and shown respect and recognition. This is what cats desire, and it pleases them greatly to be acknowledged the dignity that many do not afford even other human beings in our modern world.

They know their names, respond to words, and such use of language no longer a secret among modern psychologists admission the vocabulary of such animals exceeds 140 English words and phrases.

While the firm has no intent to replace or maintain so many, the products of the firm are named after the server cats role in our office. Including "CatsWithKeys" security products, Five-Gates Security, and Seven Alpha products.

Cats were always a huge component of the environment of Akira "Leiji" Matsumoto art and design, that they have always been a part of our vision of a Universe. Beyond War features the stories of the cats specifically, citing that worlds with such creatures are never threatened by the Sanguine, as they are a lighthouse of the King of Kings grace upon a planet or place - and what they see he sees. Those who harm them, never live. And the claws of a cat can cut even Sanguine Steel.

This "supernatural" aspect of the literary fiction is a component of the integral relationship of the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. office and staff with their companion server-cats; and honorarium to the compassion and value of all living things.

Persons unfamiliar with the real story of "Beyond War" are ignorant of these elemental components of the story, and have imagined a world that reflects their own mental and psychological dysfunction - unable to imagine the serene Zen inspired elements of a different interactive online community than other competitive properties.

In Beyond War books, cats are never aboard ship - but frequently seen there by the audience in narration suggesting the other-worldly nature of the creatures who roam the spaceways of the Beyond War Universe along with the ancient giant owl that walks the corridors and walks from time to time - the vehicle of the story throughout Beyond War. These "hallucination" characters, creatures that walk outside of time and space, are elemental to the Beyond War fiction, and described in the 13th Species: The Stryx.

Those stories pay homage by their design to the familiar relationship of European mythology that associate black cats and witchcraft, and the word in its Romanized form meant "warlock" or "witch", a slur to cite heretical belief in resistance to the populist pantheon of Greek and Roman Gods themed offical state religions.

Substantial metaphorical elements of the athame, ceremonial "black blades" in Beyond War, suggesting a basis for the modern use of the ceremonial knife in Wicca and witchcraft a product of memories burned into the psyche of survivors who witnessed the Sanguine draw swords against unimaginable monsters like serpents who could devour stars and planets.

The power of such things is in the presence of the least representation of love and compassion - not in the weapon or the words. The love of one living thing for another living thing is, in such works, more tangible a force than the whole of all the stars themselves, and present in the least representation of this.

In the living thing, and in its value when observed, is the power to burn galaxies and walk between darkness. It cannot be taken, only given. It cannot be made, only found. For this reason, we retain the server cats, that our staff and works remain with purpose that of good stewards to the least powerful and most deserving causes.

For harm to such One, is a harm against all.

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